Is Autumn your chance to refresh your fitness?

Is Autumn your chance to refresh your fitness?

Is Autumn your chance to refresh your fitness? OptiMum Health

Is Autumn the new Spring?

Harvest time is traditionally a time when we think of
reaping what we’ve sown. Bringing in the fruits of our

As we slip into Autumn, the thicker jumpers and coats
start to come out and we hide ourselves away under a
warm covering of cloth.

Comfort Food

The comfort food, that warms us from the inside out,
replaces the salad and light bites on our table. We
can easily start to see our own ‘winter covering’
emerging as this change in daily life leads to a gentle
upward creep of the needle on the scales or loosening
that belt a notch or two.

Refresh your approach this Autumn









Autumn can be as much a time for rebirth as Spring
though. As the farmers till the fields and turn the
soil, they refresh the earth, clear away the stubble of
the past summer’s crop and make ready for something

We can do this too.

Transform beneath your winter layers

Use the thicker layers of autumn, leading into winter
as your chrysalis, as you transform into a healthier,
fitter You beneath the layers.

Use the onset of cooler weather as an impetus to get
moving MORE, to switch on your own internal heating
system, getting you warm and boosting your metabolism
at the same time.

Try and plan your activity to make the most of fading
daylight hours and receive the double benefit of
feeling energised and brighter. It’s all too easy to
feel your mood darken with the shortening days, so
optimising your exposure to daylight can help alleviate

A walk outside at lunchtime ticks the box. It could be
a brisk walk, a jog or a stroll – it’s all movement.
Movement is like WD40 for your body.

You may use these seasons to try new forms of training.
Find something that you enjoy to maintain your drive,
interest and enthusiasm through the coming months.

A different approach

Think about how you can make the most of the seasons’
bounty to support your nutritional approach. Batch
roast loads of veggies to create warm salads. Dig the
slow cooker out and make casseroles filled with good
quality protein sources, with loads of vitamins,
minerals and fibres from vegetables in there too.

If puddings are your go to – and let’s face it, who
doesn’t fall(!) for a fruit crumble and custard – then
make the most of what’s available with your own twist
to suit your nutritional approach. Make your puddings
with more fruit and less crumble. Accompany them with
natural yoghurt rather than cream.

You can still get all the cosiness of autumn and winter
foods without sacrificing your waistline.

Weightloss chrysalis








How I can help

So see this Autumn as your chance to refresh, renew and
review your approach to health and fitness.

Why not create your own Chrysalis – a space to transform your approach to nutrition and exercise, feel happy within your body with the support of a small group of women.  We also tackle many of the typical symptoms of pre-menopause so you understand what’s going on within your body and how to support it.

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