Huevos do you like your eggs?

Huevos do you like your eggs?

Huevos do you like your eggs? OptiMum Health
How'd you like your eggs?

How’d you like your eggs?










This was my scrummy tea last night Huevos Rancheros
I’ve been wanting to make this for a while now.

You see, this summer, I got fed up of food. Fed up of
planning meals, prepping meals, making meals.
Wholesome, natural cooking is great and I stand by it
being the best way to support your health, wellness and
energy….but sometimes…meh!

One of the reasons I was soooo looking forward to going
on holiday was the fact that I wouldn’t have to think
about what to have at each meal, what to buy in for the
family, how to disguise certain foods to make the boys
eat them. That break from it, and from everything
really gave me a fresh perspective.

I know eating this way makes me feel good.

I know that cutting corners, eating ready prepared
foods or convenience snacks makes me feel sluggish,
bloated and grumpy.

So I looked for inspiration. Got out the cookbooks and
had a flick through. This recipe was actually inspired
by my weekly email from Jamie Oliver – I enjoy getting
his e-newsletter each week. It’s a great way to see
new recipes each week. It may just spark an idea, give
you an alternative or help you make something out of

So what’s in the pan for this dish?

First make sure you have a pan big enough for however
many people you’re serving AND that you have a lid that
will fit it.

First I made the sauce, sautéing red onions with garlic
in coconut oil, adding in chopped courgettes and
peppers. Season as you like (I just used black pepper
and paprika as I used the sauce to make something for
the boys’ tea too).

Once the veg has all softened, pop in tinned chopped
tomatoes (the number of tins depends again on how many
you’re serving) to make a thick sauce. Lob in a couple
of bay leaves and leave to simmer. Taste it to see if
it needs more seasoning.

If you’ve used a different pan to make the sauce (as I
did) spoon enough into your flat/frying pan with lid to
give you a decent base. Lay sliced tomatoes over the
top and make wells to break your eggs into.

I used duck eggs because they are awesome baked or
fried – fresh from the farm they have the most dunkable
yolks! Break your eggs into the wells and then pop the
lid on until the eggs are baked (test the white with a

Serve as it is or with warmed tortillas and a sprinkle
of cheese on top. It was so yummy I oohed and aaahed
all the way through it. Next time, I’ll:

  • make an even bigger batch of sauce (so I can freeze
    some to make the dish more quickly the time after),
  • add in mushrooms (meant to this time but in refereeing
    a trampoline full of boys, I forgot!) and
  • season a bit more liberally adding in chillies too

Have a go and let me know what you think. Have you got
creative in the kitchen recently?

I’d love to hear what you made and how it turned out.
Or are you stuck in a food rut? If you’d like to chat through how I could support you for a smoother journey to wellbeing then please get in touch.