Work with Lisa in Person

pilates lincolnshire


Small group Pilates sessions in Lisa’s boutique Studio in Potterhanworth, Lincoln. Each session is limited to a maximum of 6 people to ensure full Coaching support through the sessions.

holistic core restore

Core Confidence®

Worried about sneeze pee or mild prolapse?  Fed up of wetting yourself when you exercise?

Perhaps you’ve been told to strengthen your core?  Or maybe you’re just fed up of that recurring or persistent back pain

–this is the ultimate Core and Pelvic Floor course that delivers so much more. A whole body programme including both release & strength techniques to get you moving with confidence.

To learn more and see if this course is suitable for you click here

massage therapy

Massage Therapy

Offering remedial and Sports Massage –perfect whether you need to destress, release muscular tension or as part of your self-care package.

Release fascia to reduce pain and increase mobility

CORE®️ Fascial Release Treatment

Are you experiencing long-term pain?   Perhaps from an injury that has long since healed but you just can’t shake off the discomfort or feeling of being “stuck”.  Do you recover from one niggle, only for it to be replaced by an issue somewhere else in your body so you feel like you’re always chasing symptoms?  CORE®️ Fascial Treatment may help