Reasons to run a Workshop with me:

  • you want to offer the service but don’t have the expertise (or time to set it all up)

  • your clients/staff/group are struggling with menopause and/or pelvic floor issues and you’re worried they’ll quit if not supported

  • change is happening around these women’s health areas and you want to be at the front of that wave, supporting your clients/staff

90% of women don't have enough information on menopause
stigma talking about menopause workshops
too embarrassed to ask for menopause support at work

What delivering a bespoke Workshop gives You:

  • visible investment in your clients’/staffs’ wellbeing
  • understanding of how to tailor your services/support to your clients’/staffs’ current needs
  • bespoke support and valuable insights into what your clients/staff are actually finding hard (before it hits you hard!)
workshops to improve menopause at work
workshops to increase exercise through menopause
more work place support for menopause

My Workshops are tailored to each individual audience and can cover:

  • Peri- to post-menopause
  • Pelvic floor health
  • a combination of the 2 topics
pelvic floor workshop

Menopause workshops can include:

  • essential information on what the menopause is, when it happens and the effects it can have on a woman
  • nutrition to support a woman through menopause
  • movement, training and exercises to support a woman through menopause
  • key risk factors for women going through menopause and how to address them
pelvic floor workshop

Pelvic floor workshops can include:

  • what and where is the pelvic floor
  • issues that a weak pelvic floor may encounter including incontinence, quelling and prolapse
  • why a super strong pelvic floor isn’t always a good thing
  • connecting with your pelvic floor
  • what exercises should you do or avoid to support your pelvic floor
  • nutritional impacts on your pelvic floor
  • where and how to get further help
pelvic floor problems stop exercise workshop
supporting pelvic floor prolapse through workshops
fit women have pelvic floor problems workshop

Who should book a workshop?

Whatever the reason for your interest in either menopause or the female pelvic floor, you can’t be expected to know it all or find it all out yourself.
Over the years I’ve provided interactive workshops for:
  • NHS events supporting staff through menopause

  • gym facilities wanting to support their clients better

  • Women’s Institute groups wanting a proactive, positive way to understand their health and take action

  • groups of friends who are fed up myths and hype on social media and want a space to talk about it all openly with friends

  • workplaces that recognise the impact menopause and pelvic floor issues can have on women in the workplace and want to take positive steps to help

purchasers of menopause or pelvic floor workshops

As each workshop is tailored to the specific audience, they can be used:

  • as part of your staff training around menopause and/or pelvic floor health
  • to support your clients and customers who are dealing with these women’s health issues

What’s included in your Workshop booking:

  • inclusion of your logo in all workshop materials
  • tailored anonymous survey for your audience
  • sharing of insights with you from the survey on what your clients/staff are finding hard
  • pre-workshop information (text and videos) to encourage attendance (so you’re not having to do all the upfront work)
  • Live workshop of around 90 minutes on Zoom* including
    • unique workshop designed to your services and client/staff needs
    • interactive elements
    • relating back to the findings of the survey completed by attendees
    • free-form Q&A at the end
  • Follow up resources
    • workshop recording
    • resource pack based on the workshop
    • Question Window – a 7 day period where you can send in further questions from yourself or attendees

*in-person workshops are also available bookable in advance.  Availability for these is on Saturdays only.  To check availability and pricing information please email me at [email protected]

JMF Fitness testimonial for menopause workshop
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