Get Going Session

Let’s be honest – we all have times when we struggle to really get going with something.

We may feel:

  • too tired
  • overwhelmed
  • stuck in a rut
  • or just not know where to start
woman feeling overwhelmed and unable to make change

Sometimes this can have a very real and negative impact on our life, our self-confidence and esteem and what we feel we can do.

woman with too many thoughts

So if this is you and you’re struggling to:

– get fit
– lose weight
– deal with pelvic floor issues
– recover from an injury or recurring back pain
– cope with menstrual cycle, perimenopause or post-menopause issues

I’m here to listen.

More than that – once I’ve listened, together we’ll break it down and identify small, achievable steps that you feel confident you can take.

Check out this video:

Are you ready to get going?

There are just 3 simple steps to move from where you are not to taking some real action with confidence…

What do the sessions involve?

  1. First step is to book in and answer a short questionnaire for me to hear more about what you’d love to make progress with and how you perhaps feel stuck in either starting or making progress.
  2. During the live virtual session together we dive deep and focus attention through to small steps that you can start to take immediately that feel achievable for you.
  3. Following the session I send you a summary email, recording of the live session and any resources that I feel are relevant to help you move forward.

Your virtual session is where we really get into the detail.  I use the following outline plan to structure these calls to help us make the most of the time and identify clear recommendations for you by the end of the session:

  1. Defining now: talking through your current lifestyle, schedule, goals and preferences [ approx. 10 minutes]
  2. Where do you feel stuck: drilling down to what’s holding you back at the moment and working out key sticking blocks or issues for you, understanding how and when these arise and how they are impacting your daily life. [approx 15 minutes]
  3. Exploring options and making recommendations [approx 15 minutes]

 NB These are approximate timings – some segments may be shorter/longer

What kind of results can I expect from the session?

If you attend the session with an open mind and implement the actions points we agree at the end of our session, you should achieve your goals.  But ultimately this is down to you; I can give you the strategies you need to be successful – but it’s up to you to make it happen.

It’s not my style to set you outrageous targets or ridiculous roles to try.   If you goals are too ambitious for the time, energy or motivation you’re willing or able to apply, I’ll tell you.  It may mean that your goal will take longer to achieve than you’ve realised; or that what you actually want needs a slightly different focus.

Have a read what previous “Get Going” attendees have said:

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How do I book?

Get Going sessions are available during weekdays and are currently £120.  To book your session just hit the button below.

What happens next?

Clicking the button above will redirect you to  make payment.

Once your payment has been made, you’ll be automatically redirected to book a session time (for your virtual session) and access the pre-session questionnaire.

I will review your responses on the questionnaire and often replies via email to exchange further relevant information ahead of the live virtual session.  My aim is to get as much information before we meet live on Zoom as possible so we spend the virtual session solving and moving you forwards.