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Specialist Coaching for Peri-Menopause & Pelvic Floor Concerns

specialist in women's health support for menopause and pelvic floor issues

Menopause & Pelvic Floor Specialist

I know how confusing the health and fitness industry can seem, with all its quick fix promises that fail to live up to expectations- how motherhood, menopause & pelvic floor issues can challenge your brain and body.

I also know how to break the cycle.

No. You don’t have to beast your body, live in “discreet pants”, restrict your food choices or struggle through the embarrassment of hot flashes, brain fog or bone-dragging fatigue!

Women’s health often gets brushed under the carpet but it IS possible to feel strong & confident, inside & out.   Permission granted to DITCH the fad diets, banning food groups or relying on pads in your pants for exercise.

I’ll help you make choices to shape your figure and future, whilst protecting your core & floor! I’ll help you understand the changes your body is going through AND how to support it, without destroying your health!

From taking part in Pilates or  Core Confidence® courses to starting with a “Get Going session“, there are many ways I can help you feel stronger, more confident and just more like “You” again.

Lisa also provides multiple Online support programmes & Virtual Workshops to help.   You can sign up online, or just get in touch today.

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