Core Confidence Programme

confidence programme

Finally a programme that builds your core confidence from the inside out, in steady steps!!!

Here’s an online course that helps you go from what the woman on the left is feeling, to how the woman below is feeling!

Core Confidence Programme – it’s virtual

This virtual programme is perfect for:-Anyone who has had persistent back pain that does not seem to be alleviated with traditional therapies-Returning to fitness after time out or injury-Supporting your Core and Pelvic floor through menopause and beyond-Establishing solid foundations to return to lifting weights, running and other activities-Alleviating pelvic floor issues such as mild prolapse, leakage, heaviness or dragging sensations.

As a specialist Core and Floor coach and low back pain exercise specialist, I understand the impact that a “weak core” can have on the way you move and how you feel in your own body.

Feeling you have to sit on the sidelines.

Constantly worrying about whether your back will go, or you’ll experience leakage.

Core and Pelvic floor issues don’t just affect your body – they steal your confidence away.

Core Confidence ® has been designed to coach you from establishing solid foundations, through to dynamic movements and introducing strength based sessions.

AND you can follow the programme from the comfort of your own living room.

With full video support and access to your specialist Coach, you’ll be guided through 4 weeks of progressive exercises to help you feel in control of your body, rather than at the mercy of it.

confident lady

What your Core Confidence® course includes:

  • Essential connection work to allow you to feel what’s going on in your body
  • Floor based movements to support you as you build on that core connection
  • Release work to stretch and lengthen areas of tension*
  • Standing movements to incorporate strength and balance work (supporting bone and heart health too)

All videos can be paused and replayed as many times as you need.Perfect for when your schedule or location prevents you from attending face-to-face sessions.

Feel that you’re not ready to progress onto the next stage of the programme? NO problem!! You progress through the stages at your pace, with the ability to check in with your Coach whenever you need to.

Here’s what Ruth had to say after doing the Core Confidence® virtual course: “The Core Confidence® course did what it said on the tin. I now have confidence in my core to do the right thing. To listen to my body and develop my overall body strength, with my core at the very centre.

This course is not just about working your abdomen – having worked with a wide variety of people with various core, back and pelvic floor issues, Lisa knows that it’s important to look at the WHOLE body AND how the MIND perceives movement and connects with the muscles too.

As a result,this course includes elements for your: Abdomen, Pelvic floor, Back, Feet, Shoulders. We even look at sleeping positions, dealing with nighttime disturbances such as restless legs & nighttime loo trips, how to easily adjust your seating position to reduce back and hip pain when at work.

To gain access to all of this amazing content and start working towards your own Core Confidence® today, click here:Your Core Confidence® virtual course is available for a one-time fee of £88