5 reasons why women over 40 should do Pilates

5 reasons to do Pilates for women over 40

5 reasons why women over 40 should do Pilates

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Midlife has hit with a bang, your wobbly bits can move all by themselves, and your brain is muddier than a puddle in November.  But Pilates really help you through perimenopause?

Here are 5 reasons why Pilates can help you through perimenopause.


  1. Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks

These are all recognised effects of menopause, and that switch towards it, known as perimenopause. When these things can jump up on you unexpected, putting yourself through a group exercise class seems like the best recipe for embarrassment.

But the key element behind Pilates is breathing.

Slowing the breath down, focussing on the breath and moving with the breath all support the calmer side of your nervous system.

So rather than “flight, fright or freeze” you can act calmly with ease, more often.

The breathing focus and technique can reduce how often you have hot flashes  or anxiety attacks, and how intense they feel.

Plus when you’re struggling to get to sleep, or back to sleep, they’re a great way to soothe you off to dreamland.

Try breathing in time to the shape’s movement in the picture below and see how it feels.

2.Pelvic floor problems

Holding your breath while moving can be one way that you’re pressuring your pelvic floor.  So the breath focus through Pilates helps to minimise that.

By working your core as a unit – not just your “abs” – you can focus on strengthening and relaxing your pelvic floor, connecting with the movement and reducing those sneeze-pees.

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Pilates for your pelvic floor in perimenopause

3. Brain fog, memory issues and….hmmm what was that other thing?

You walk into a room and stop suddenly, as you realise you had no idea what you went in there for.

Mid-conversation, you totally forget the name of the person you’re talking too, or about.

These effects of perimenopause are no joke – they can be embarrassing and cause a lot of stress.  Stress can make it all a lot worse too.

Pilates is similar to mindfulness – bringing your concentration to your moves and breathing through them.  Using the same practice can help reduce those flustered moments of forgetfulness.

4. Weight gain, heart health and osteoporosis

Gaining weight and expanding waistlines are another non-joyous effect of menopause – potentially.

Pilates won’t necessarily give you the magic answer for shedding pounds and staying svelte-like.   But by making you feel stronger and more confident with the movements, you’re likely to move and do more.

And regular consistent movement definitely helps manage your weight – and keep your heart more healthy.

By using strengthening movements, particularly through the wrists, hips and back, Pilates also supports bone health reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

5. Control

At a time when it can feel like you have no control over your body – you’re constantly bumping into things and your balance is something of a joke – Pilates can offer control.

Originally called “Contrology”, Pilates works on controlling the whole body while part of it moves.

Size doesn’t matter, so your movements can be teeny-tiny as you work on that overall control.

Pilates in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Reasons to do Pilates with me:

And if you needed any more reasons, when it comes to my in-person Pilates sessions, I

  • Limit spaces to a maximum of 6 people per session (so you can’t get lost or ignored in a big crowd)


  • Take time to understand your health position, fitness level and any issues you may have before you start to offer a fully supported session


  • Offer check-ins between sessions so we can adapt or progress in your next session as appropriate for you.

If you’re still not sure if Pilates will suit you, or can’t get to my in-person Pilates sessions click here to get in touch and let me help you find options to suit, or why not book yourself a free call to talk through the options.

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