I haven’t got TIME!

I haven’t got TIME!

I haven’t got TIME! OptiMum Health

“I haven’t got TIME”….

is a really commonplace refrain these days.

Time is blamed for our inability to do all
sorts of things, including focussing on our nutrition,
fitness and health.

It’s not altogether surprising then, that in a survey I
recently carried out with female clients, TIME was the
underlying issue in ALL of the concerns about their own
health and fitness.

"I haven't got TIME"

Time ticks away however you use it, so use it consciously in a way that serves You











The way in which time impacted their lives was quite

• The problem of not having TIME to fit movement
into everyday

• How TIME over the menstrual cycle affects a
woman’s ability to maintain good intentions on
nutrition and exercise…not to mention mood, libido,
bloating and sleeplessness

• Not sure how much TIME to leave after having a
baby before starting exercise

• Worried about the TIME they’ll enter
peri-menopause and how this will affect their health,
bones, motivation and body and how they’ll manage their
lives over this period of TIME

So although the issues vary in themselves, TIME is the
key that joins all these issues together.

If you think back to when you were in your late teen
years – think of what you ate, the clothes you wore,
how you socialised. Now, fast forward to now and
consider those same things….are they the same? Do you
think they’ll be the same in another 10 years?

So why approach your own health and fitness in the same
way you did several years ago? You’ve changed, and so
has your body.

How time passes is not something we can change.

However, how we use that time is within our control.
Understanding how our body changes over time can also
give us the power to manage how time affects us,
allowing us to make the most of whatever time of life
we are in.

From my perspective, coaching for a pregnant lady
differs to someone in the post-natal period, which
differs again from a woman entering peri-menopause or
menopause. The time each individual has available
within their schedule is also a factor in what would
best suit them.

It’s not a matter of ‘not having time’ though….it’s a
matter of choosing how you spend your time. Some
things can’t be altered in our lives, others can – and
taking an objective look at our schedules can often
yield some interesting feedback on how you actually use
your time.

Sometimes, shoehorning your fitness into an already
tight schedule can do You more harm than good. There
will always be a way to approach fitness that means You
can fit it into your current schedule in a way that
will serve You best.

What "I haven't got time" really means

How many of the reasons why you don’t have time are more important than your health?











Add on the power of adapting this to make the most of
your own body and the changes it’s subject to as a
female and suddenly, TIME is on your side.

We can’t change time but we can change how we use it.
We can control how we plan for it and we can make the
most of the present time.

Lisa is a female-health coach and trainer, supporting
women at every stage of their lives, to move more and
feel amazing.  To talk to her about getting time on
your side, drop her a note here.