(Wo)man in the Mirror

(Wo)man in the Mirror

(Wo)man in the Mirror OptiMum Health

“I’m Gonna Make A Change,

For Once In My Life It’s Gonna Feel Real Good,

Gonna Make A Difference

Gonna Make It Right .”

The boys had decided they want to listen to Michael
Jackson in the car this morning and asked me what my
favourite song of his was.

My absolute favourite is “Man in the Mirror”. It’s
always been a song that makes me reflect on what I’m
lucky to have, and to be able to do.

This morning, as I explained the basis of the song to
my boys it struck me in a different way too….

All too often, we look in the mirror and don’t like
what we see.

We moan about our thighs, groan at our bums and
constantly readjust the muffin top.

We feel stuck in a rut, lack in motivation or just
downright unhappy. Trudging through each day with the
same ugly feelings bearing down on our mood.

It’s not our fault though.

We don’t have time to look after ourselves after
running around after the kids. Our other halves are so
caught up in their own lives, work and ‘stuff’ that
they don’t give us the attention we need. Our families
just don’t appreciate how much we have on and what a
struggle it is to get through each week, dragging
ourselves through to the weekend.


In today’s society it seems like we increasingly are
able to ‘pass the blame’. All those things we feel are
down to other people’s behaviour around and towards
us….or are they?

“If You Wanna Make [Your] World A Better Place

Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change

You Gotta Get It Right, While You Got The Time

‘Cause When You Close Your Heart

Then You Close Your . . .Mind!”

So what does your woman in the mirror say?

Have you closed your mind to what you can do for

Change can be scary, but it can also be awesome.

Look at your schedule as it is now. What opportunities
do you have now to start doing something positive to
impact your own mindset and mood?

Could you go for a walk or jog while the children are
at an after-school activity?

If it's time for a change - where would You start?

If it’s time for a change – where would You start?










Could you batch cook an awesome, nutrient-rich
casserole that will do tonight’s dinner and leave some
to freeze for another day too.

Could you sit down and plan your meals, writing your
shopping list along side your plan to make sure you’ve
got everything you need to power your mind, body and
energy levels through the week to come.

You do have time.

Take a look at Yourself and then make a Change.

It can be a small change. Let it bed in then make
another one.

Take a look at Yourself and then make a Change.

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start with or support with making them then please get
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And always remember to speak kindly to yourself.