Which diet is best? How to avoid becoming a fitness tart.

Which diet is best? How to avoid becoming a fitness tart.

Which diet is best? How to avoid becoming a fitness tart. OptiMum Health

Knowing which fitness approach to choose can be really tricky.
You just want to know which diet is best! Either way, you’re after
something that’s going to magically melt away the pounds and
leave you looking and feeling amazing right?

Technology means that the answers are right at your finger tips
with loads of free downloads, programmes and diets to follow. Or
maybe you’re now at the stage where you’re willing to pay for the
right approach.

But what is the ‘right approach’?

In your quest to find that magic fit have you actually become
a  Fitness Tart?

Which diet is best? How to avoid becoming a fitness tart.

Despite the photo, I’m not actually referring to my Mum’s scrumptious homemade tarts here.

I’m talking about the “urban” term.

Though actually not in a sexual context.


The urban dictionary defines a tart as:


“A nubile young temptress, who dresses teasingly and

Internet offers

In terms of fitness though, the internet is abound with tart-like
offers; promising to shed your unwanted pounds, address your
specific problem areas in a way no-one else will understand, all
for an incredible price tag.

Looking and sounding so tempting.

Addressing your exact issues.

Offering you what you dream of.

You may actually be busy coursing the internet for the next magic
solution to tackle your dissatisfaction with your post-Christmas
body right now.

You sign up and start all gung-ho with good intentions but then
spot another offer, or perhaps even a free download or seminar,
so you sign up for that too.

Then a fitness professional with amazing physique appears in your
Facebook feed and hey, they have free daily emails with tips and
exercises. So you sign up for that too.

Along with all the rest.

You pick and mix, start and stop, or perhaps even worse, try
doing several all at the same time.

Couple this with two or more exercise classes per day, hopping
between venues.

You work SO hard.

Exercising, staying active, eating the right stuff, well most of
the time and only submit to the coffee shop frothies 3 or 4 times
a week.

So why do you still feel so disappointed with your results?

How come you do not have that sylph-like figure despite your

So you blow it and go on a binge, maybe just for a day, maybe
longer and then start the whole cycle all over again.

Why don’t these schemes work for you?

Could it be a hormone imbalance?

Or perhaps it’s genetics?

Actually, the answer is a whole lot more simple than that.

Once you realise the answer, it’s so obvious too.

You see, there is one key ingredient missing from your efforts.

One vital component that you fail to address by always seeking
out that better approach.

What is it?


Yup, that’s all.

Whichever approach you choose should work, if you are consistent
in applying it.

Thing is, it’s still not that simple, is it?

It may work when consistency is applied, but does it optimise
your health and suit your lifestyle?

Does it allow you to manage family life without having to cook 2
or more different meals, without arranging baby-sitters to allow
you to bang out that exercise session?

If not, you will fail.

Not because the system is rubbish.

Simply because, to apply something consistently, it needs to suit
you. It needs to fit into your lifestyle as seamlessly as

Don’t get me wrong, lifestyle changes may well be required but
you need a system that suggests changes that are sustainable for
you and integrate well with your family’s daily life.

So, if this is you, stop being a fitness tart!

What should You do?

Be honest with yourself about what would actually make your life
easier. What you are prepared to commit to, forever (not just a
few weeks)?

Look at all the things you’ve tried. Work out why you didn’t
stick to them.

Consider yourself objectively – how realistic is what you are
trying to achieve and are you willing to sacrifice enough to get

The fitness models that you see advertising products rely on
their physiques for a living.

They stick religiously to their nutrition and training plans for
extended periods of time – often to the exclusion of social and
family life.

They have plenty of photos taken when in top form, so in their
‘off season’ they can still trot out great pictures – they very
rarely look that toned all year round…..

Is this what you are aspiring to be?

Is who you are now really that bad?

How much are you spending on all these different trainers,
schemes and sessions?

Would it be worth taking the time to find one system that you
truly believe you can follow forever and investing in that….

Sticking to it…


Your health and fitness is not something to be promiscuous with.

It deserves monogamous application of an approach that makes you
feel energetic, healthy, happy and positive.

Choose one approach – the right approach for you, and be
consistent with it.

The results will follow.

What may surprise you is the results that yield the most, are
achieving the emotions mentioned above…..

If this has raised questions for you or you’d just like to you’d like a chat to help discover how to unravel the mystery for yourself then please get in touch.