Do bananas make your belly fat?

Do bananas make your belly fat?

Do bananas make your belly fat? OptiMum Health

I don’t want to eat bananas any more, they make your belly fat

^^^ This interesting quote came from my No.1 son this morning….

I asked where he’d got that from and he said he’d seen it on an
advert on the internet… know the one he means don’t you.

Needless to say, we talked through the actual science behind the
statement. We also talked about ENERGY BALANCE when it comes to
weight gain and, indeed weight loss, referring to a little
‘experiment’ we did with some scales a couple of days ago. We
talked about the GLYCEMIC INDEX and ‘sugar’ effect and why
bananas may not be suitable for some people due to issues such as
DIABETES or gastrointestinal issues.

So then I asked him again whether he was going to eat bananas and
he said:

“Yes I think I will Mummy – but HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO KNOW IF SOMETHING IS TRUE or not when you read something?”

This is the thing isn’t it?

We’re sold so many approaches as being the “new way”,
“scientifically proven”, “results guaranteed”, blah blah blah

What is actually taught in schools even today as ‘good nutrition’
with the so-called ‘eat well plate’ is now outdated.

I’ll come back to that point in a minute.

How language influences your shape

The other point that I really emphasise in my writing, videos and
to clients is about the LANGUAGE YOU USE every day.

Your children are listening to everything You say – ok let’s
rephrase that….they certainly hear everything you don’t want them
to hear! They pick up on things you say about how you feel about
yourself, your approaches, your ‘diet’ and exercise.

So if you’re talking negatively to or about yourself – what does
your child hear? How does that affect their own views growing up?

If you’re jumping on one diet after another, swapping from one
approach to another or going to extremes – what do your actions
show your children?

So don’t we owe it to our children AND ourselves to do a bit of
real homework into the science and logic behind these various
claims – rather than just BUYING INTO THE HEADLINE BECAUSE IT’S

Weightloss products – how do you choose?

If you’re buying any health related product or service from
someone have you looked behind the headlines to see their

Often those selling diet and/or detox products have no
nutritional qualifications at all……

I feel lucky that the nutritional element of my qualification was
not only very thorough but is the only one of its kind in the UK
that is accredited by the Association for Nutrition.

When I say lucky….there was a lot of research and then hard work
that went into that.

BUT there’s still room for improvement in my view.

The fact that ‘myths’ like these are still believed by many
people and affecting our children is proof enough of that for me.

So from April, I’ll be starting a year long course with
Mac-Nutrition Certification to build on my existing knowledge,
support myself, my family and clients…..and keep churning out
information that allows people to make SOUND, WELL-INFORMED

But my question to you is – what is the daftest nutrition
claim you’ve ever heard?


P.S.  If you’re confused about where to start or how to fit a
healthy approach into your own family schedule then please get in