What’s more precious than time?

What’s more precious than time?

What’s more precious than time? OptiMum Health

Time.  What’s more precious than time?

I haven’t got time

“I didn’t have time to….”

“I’m too busy”

Time, it would seem, is a precious commodity.

In fact, when I canvassed women in preparation for a
talk on women’s health concerns, “not enough time” was
the common feedback.

I’ve previously written articles on this epidemic
facing our society. For some, their busy-ness is a
badge of honour. For others, it’s a pressure that’s
eating away at their enjoyment of life.

Without stopping to think I could name at least 6 women
who have approached me in the last month who are
actually facing a crisis point on this subject.

When they reach this point, they realise that there is
actually another commodity, even more precious to them
than time. Something that has been overlooked, and
often ignored, simply through “not having time”.

At this crisis point, they realise that not having this
other, more precious commodity gives them all the time
in the world whilst simultaneously stealing it away

Although what happens to this other commodity at that
crisis point can suddenly create lots of time, this is
not in a good way. At this point, people feel
miserable, scared and quite possibly pain.


Because the commodity even more precious than TIME is
your HEALTH.


What's more important than Time?

Doesn’t your HEALTH deserve your TIME?










People come to me in that crisis point as they suddenly
realise what they’ve sacrificed. Without your HEALTH,
all those activities – be they housework, kids clubs,
work, caring for others – can’t be done, let alone

It’s not just about making time to move more, it’s
nourishing yourself and caring for yourself as you’re
caring for everyone else.

You not only deserve your own TIME, but your HEALTH
needs it. Don’t sacrifice TIME for your HEALTH through
selflessly serving others.

STOP ignoring that persistent fatigue, ongoing
backache, uncomfortable feeling or perpetual stress.

A balance is required, which means balancing the TIME
you give others with the TIME you give yourself.

“but you’re not listening, I’m so busy I just don’t
have time!”

I do understand.

I’m guilty of doing this too. Filling my time during
the day, working beyond a sensible bedtime at night. I
know first hand the consequences too. Feeling
unbelievably exhausted is not fun. Lacking energy,
motivation and ability to do, let alone enjoy every day
tasks, is heartbreaking.

We do have time. We have to choose how we use it. We
have to accept, understand and appreciate that giving
ourselves TIME is not selfish, self-centred or

It is necessary.

It’s necessary for those you love, for what you do, for
your HEALTH.

It might mean you can’t do everything else that you’re
currently doing….but how many of those things could you
do without your health?

I’m guessing none.

So saying ‘no’ to a few things now, might just mean
being able to continue to do more things for very much

So balance your TIME to allow room for your HEALTH.

Lisa is a female-health coach and trainer, supporting
women at every stage of their lives, to move more and
feel amazing.  To talk to her about getting time on
your side, drop her a note here.