You need to listen to your body to lose weight

You need to listen to your body to lose weight

You need to listen to your body to lose weight OptiMum Health

Whenever we set out to “lost weight” or “tone up” we
look for the next best product, often overlooking the
most fundamental element for success.  You need to
listen to your body to lose weight!

It struck me the other day that our bodies are very
much like radios…and I mean the analogue versions
rather than digital versions.

My car radio is not digital and as I was driving the
other day, my favourite radio station lost signal. The
sounds became distorted – I could tell that it was
still music playing but couldn’t clearly identify the

I simply re-tuned the radio to try and pick up a
clearer signal – for a while, I had to listen to a
different station until I could re-connect with my
favourite station.

Have you lost touch with your body?

Your body is talking to You – question is are you listening?













Our body is very much like this. It is an incredible
machine, constantly generating and responding to
signals. Signals from within us and from all around us

Without any external interference, our body accurately
signals when we are hungry and when we are full. It
tells us when we are tired and when to move more.
Clear signals are generated when we are feeling an
appropriate level of stress, and when this gets too

Trouble is though, we live in a world of external

So whereas the radio station loses signal, our body’s
signals get drowned out by the interference around us.

The tempting smells and social interaction of coffee
shops lure us in and invite us to eat cake with our
coffee, even though we’re not hungry.

We’ve attuned our minds to believe that eating that
chocolate/cake/pizza will alleviate the tide of
emotions we are feeling.

Watching TV or scrolling through social media on your
phone while eating overrides those signals telling you
when you are full.

That same distraction of TV, games and social media
keep us up way past the time when our body’s have told
us they are tired, as the blue light from their screens
messes with the hormone signalling system that promotes
good sleep.

The pressure to be seen to be doing it all, and doing
it well, keeps us pushing “just to the weekend”, when
our bodies are crying out for a break from dashing
here, there and everywhere.

Whereas the radio losing signal just means we can’t
hear that station any more, drowning out our body’s
signals can have far greater consequences.

Failing to use these in-built signalling systems in our
bodies leads us to put on weight, move less, reduces
the quality of our sleep and increases our stress

None of these things are good for our health….or our

So if you are seeking to lose weight, reduce stress
and/or change your body shape, perhaps it’s time you
re-tuned your body and started listening to those

You need to listen to your body to lose weight









The answer to your weight issues is not in the next
detox product, diet regime or exercise fad…. It is in
your own approach to how you listen to your body.

If you’d like support in re-tuning your body to improve
your health, fitness and weight, please get in touch.

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Lisa is a personal trainer and Pilates coach,
specialising in female health to support women at each
stage of their lives.