Is it time to step away….

Is it time to step away….

Is it time to step away…. OptiMum Health

How was your week?

Did it all go to plan?

I hope it did.

Now though, it’s the weekend.

Time to recoup, regenerate, recover and

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, are you
making time to ‘unplug’?

To step away from the all-consuming digital
world that surrounds everything we do these

Away from screens, phones, tablets.

Recharge your spirit.

Social media will all still be there when you
get back.

Set yourself free this weekend.

Or does that thought scare or worry you?
Unable to imagine an hour without your phone
or tablet?

^^^maybe that in itself is telling you

I read that, on average, people check their
phones over 100 times a day!!!!

Sometimes we need them – whether it’s for
work or checking in on a loved one.

So here’s my weekend challenge for you:

choose an activity this weekend that takes at
least an hour and stay away from all
electronic devices for that time.
It could be an outing with the family, a meal
with friends or just reading a book….a
paper one obviously…remember those? ūüėČ


I love this picture via¬† and it’s so true.

It’s funny how staying plugged into
electronic devices serves to disconnect us
from real life. ¬†I know I’ve found times in
the day when my children have played up
simply because I’m distracted by something on
social media.  There are often times when I
delay a sensible bedtime to finish off some
work on the computer.

The reality is both of those things could
wait.  My health, temperament and family
ambience undoubtedly improves when I do step

Like all things, it’s a balance….so it’s
understandable that we sway out of kilter
from time to time. ¬†That’s fine – life is not
designed to be perfect!  Taking time to
appreciate where you are on that balance from
time to time though, is time well spent.

If you are seeking to improve your health,
fitness and body shape then less electronic
time can help.

By creating time and space to move, relax and
sleep.  Electronic devices easily interrupt
each of these important activities and it’s
only when we unplug that we realise the
extent to which they have disconnected us
from ourselves and our surroundings.

Try that challenge and unplug for an hour.

Let me know what you did and how it felt to
have that electronic free time.

Have a great weekend.