Is Frozen’s “Let It Go” the best weightloss-journey-soundtrack EVER?!

Is Frozen’s “Let It Go” the best weightloss-journey-soundtrack EVER?!

Is Frozen’s “Let It Go” the best weightloss-journey-soundtrack EVER?! OptiMum Health

Did  you receive the news that “Frozen 2” is on the horizon?  Love it or hate it, Frozen is a film and soundtrack you may encounter regularly as a Mummy.

Whether you sing along heartily and happily or, like me, threaten to sing “Let it Go” to stop your children bickering, it is an incredibly powerful song.

I’m not just referring to Idina Menzel’s incredible voice here – I am referring to the lyrics.

So many of the lyrics are relevant to those striving to “lose weight”, “regain their figure” and “tone up”.

Let’s start with the first verse and the line: “The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside” – this is fairly representative of a sentiment I hear, particularly from women who are unhappy with their current weight and figure.

On the face of it though, they appear happy, wearing their brave face to mask their inner struggle. So it’s fair to say they “Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know”.

For some, the whole matter of losing weight is a matter of regaining perspective as “It’s funny how some distance, makes everything seem small”. They “simply” eat more consciously, move more and achieve their goal.

The emotional crutch of food

This is not always the case as food and drink can often become an emotional crutch that helps us celebrate the happy times and consoles us in the darker times.

Here, I prefer to ask clients to think of goals that are not related to their weight on the scales or anything to do with their appearance.

We focus on lifestyle changes and performance targets.

By distracting the mind from the control food has been exercising over them, people gradually start to experience a new source of freedom.

Food can then be viewed as a vital component of their life, providing energy to power them through the day and even enjoying the whole process of considering, preparing and eating food.

By empowering people through education on mindset, ingredients, cooking, movement and the impact each part of their daily life can have on their physique, forever changes can be achieved.

The long and winding road.

However, this journey can be a long one.

Change takes time.

Quick fixes are abundant in the diet industry and, yes they work. I’ll be honest and say probably anything you try will work….for the short term at least.

It will work because it represents a change or stimulus for your body. Once your body has adapted to that change, it will stop working.

When you are fed up of being constrained to such a restrictive regime, you will stop following it and steadily the weight will creep back on, and possibly a bit extra for good measure.

My advice is to take the long road.

The progress may be steadier – if you didn’t put on your excess weight in a few weeks, is it realistic to expect to lose it all in an even shorter timeframe???

When you follow the long road: “the fears that once controlled [you], can’t get to [you] at all”.

So perhaps “It’s time to see what [you] can do, to test the limits and break through.

No right, no wrong, no rules for [you].”

The killer line in the song for me though is:

I’m never going back; the past is in the past!”

Make the start of your wellness journey a new beginning. Strive for something new rather than yearning for your body of yesteryear. The past is in the past. Time to find a new you – remember, test those limits and break through?!

Move forward with purpose and intent, focusing on real identifiable targets so the past then stays in the past. Make your changes into forever changes this time round.

You can go it alone or seek the support of a group or coach. Choose carefully:

Find a coach who:

  • is prepared to listen but also willing to challenge,
  • takes time to understand your pressures and schedule,
  • will test your reasoning and beliefs,
  • will support your understanding,
  • encourages and motivates you,
  • keeps you accountable to what you want to achieve
  • remains flexible in approach, with your overall health taking top priority
Is hanging onto past memories, images and ideals affecting your progress

Is hanging onto past memories, images and ideals affecting your progress