(Portion) Size Matters!

(Portion) Size Matters!

(Portion) Size Matters! OptiMum Health

Size is everything!

Yesterday morning, my boys learnt a valuable lesson.

They wanted to get themselves breakfast and, after an exhausting week, I thought “Why not!”

Well actually there were several reasons why not, but the seducing thought of a lie-in over-ruled them all!

Some time later, I went downstairs expecting a scene of carnage but, give them their dues, it wasn’t too bad.

What I did find was 2 very large bowls of half-eaten muesli.

Simple mistake to make.

They’d chosen very large bowls and filled them to the same level as I fill to in smaller crockery.

"I don't eat that much"....famous last words or reality?  Do you know how much you really eat?

“I don’t eat that much”….famous last words or reality? Do you know how much you really eat?

Thankfully, they’re still at the stage where they listen to their body telling them they’re full….hence a large amount of wasted food.

We all have this hormonal trigger to tell us when we’re full, but

– our larger portion sizes (“would you like to Supersize that?),

– all you can eat restaurants and

– culture of eating whilst doing other activities

amongst other things starts to override this natural signalling mechanism.

Result: we eat more than we need, gain weight and carry a higher percentage of fat.

What can we learn from the simple mistake my boys made:

– choose your portion size carefully

– be aware of the effect the size of your crockery can have on the amount you eat

– eat and drink mindfully – focus on what you are consuming (rather than the TV, tablet or phone).
Smell it, taste it, chew it, enjoy it.

– Stop before you have that “I’m full” feeling.

Hope this helps!