Time won’t wait for pelvic floor issues

Time won’t wait for pelvic floor issues

Time won’t wait for pelvic floor issues OptiMum Health

Women wait 4-6 years before seeking help for their pelvic problems or leakage….

As a pelvic floor specialist in Lincoln, I’ll share with you why pelvic floor problems are not just about weakness and need not be embarrassing.

Why do women wait?

pelvic floor specialist lincolnYesterday I was doing some decorating at home and popped this album on to listen to.

The lyrics say it all:

Time goes by so slowly for those who wait…


For those who know something does not feel right for them, living with symptoms such as
– pelvic discomfort
– leakage
– persistent low back pain
– pain during sex
starts to inhibit what they do in their life.

It affects your confidence on the outside as you either buy products to cover up your symptoms, or avoid doing activities you’d actually LOVE to do…JUST IN CASE.

no time to hesitate
In the average time that women tend to wait before seeking help, their symptoms have undoubtedly WORSENED.

So they’ve suffered a loss of confidence and inhibited their lifestyle for a number of years. It’s often a crisis, sudden worsening or issue that cause women to seek help when prevention could have avoided that happening in the first place.

Madonna’s “Hung Up” song continues to say
you’ll wake up one day but it’ll be too late

When it comes to pelvic floor & core matters, prevention and awareness is better than the cure. Left too long, you may be facing a SURGICAL INTERVENTION.

Any surgical intervention brings its own worries and issues plus a recovery and rehabilitation period afterwards…..

…or you COULD take steps right now to deal with that bit of leakage when you:
– laugh
– cough
– sneeze
– lift weights
– run or jump
– exercise
– play with your children/grandchildren

Leakage and pelvic discomfort may be common but it is not NORMAL.

Leakage and pelvic discomfort are not limited to new mums:

1 in 3 women will encounter urinary incontinence during their life
– women who do lots of exercise or lift heavy weights are also susceptible to pelvic floor issues*
– the period of 10-15 years before menopause is massive time of change for your pelvic floor including possible symptoms such as leakage, low back pain, vaginal atrophy, itchiness, dryness, increased urinary tract infections

Not all pelvic floor issues mean “WEAKNESS” either

– this is often why women feel embarrassed.  You are not weak!

Pelvic floor issues can also arise through:
– overuse
– holding tension/stress through this area of your body
– body image issues (such as holding your tummy in all the time)
– incorrect form when exercising
– breath holding when moving any weight
– foot, leg or shoulder issues
– poor muscle tone elsewhere in the body
– alignment

….I could go on and on with that list!

pelvic floor specialist LincolnThis is why, as a pelvic floor specialist in Lincoln, I take time to screen and understand clients and their lives before offering support services through pelvic floor friendly movement and nutrition.

Although common, leakage is NOT normal.

My programmes provide support for all women to bring confidence and strength.

Please drop me a message today if you want to take action NOW.