Motivation Coaching to avoid “mustivation”

People often talk of "losing their motivation" or say that
they're "back on it" when their "motivation" returns.

Often when people seek out a personal trainer they're really looking for motivation coaching.

Some start  out with the best intentions of improving heath, fitness or
strength knowing deep down that when things don't quite go to
plan, that "motivation" will all go out the window.


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Are you just going through the motions to
do what you think you should, without really:

- believing in the outcome?

- enjoying the process?




If so, you're actually working on "mustivation":

  • Doing what you think you "must"
  • Doing it because you think you "must"
  • Resenting it a little, just because you "must" do it

...and that's why "mustivation" is NOT a good place to be....

As soon as a hiccup, problem, excuse or anything
arise then you "must" sort that instead - you simply swap one
"must" for another.  The health/fitness "must" slips off the

Motivation is different 

- it's linked to your feelings

-  it's based on what you truly want, rather than what you think you
should want

- it includes an element of enjoyment & pleasure

-  you believe that even if you can't do it initially, you'll be
able to learn how 

Does that sound DIFFERENT? 

It definitely FEELS different! !!!

It feels good, powerful & uplifting rather
than boring, difficult & off putting. 

How do you swap "mustivation" for "motivation"?

By starting to LISTEN to yourself, your instinct & your body.

Trouble is that, when you've been overriding those thoughts, feelings & instinct for so long,
you just can't hear them at all.

As a Coach, I turn up the volume on your "motivation" & support You to develop an approach that
works for You.


Want to know how? CLICK HERE

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