Do others’ opinions matter?

Do others’ opinions matter?

Do others’ opinions matter? OptiMum Health

Saturday night was boxing night.

I’d never been to a live boxing event before & was slightly nervous at seeing 2 people I know in the event itself – I needn’t have worried, they were both incredible.

Do others' opinions matter?

Something really struck me through the evening though:

Humans are so opinionated aren’t they?!

As humans, we always have an opinion on everything and everyone.

That’s great, in a way. It shows we’re interpreting the world around us in our own way.

During the night we all had rather vocal opinions on everything from how the people were boxing to the ‘Ring Girl’s’ physique.

Thankfully the Custom Fitness crew we spent the evening with were all sanguine enough to add the recognition of the confidence and bravery it must have taken to put themselves forward, let along climb into the ring in the first place.

People do this when you take steps to change your lifestyle, improve your health, lose weight and/or get fitter too, don’t they?

“You’ll never stick to it”

“That can’t be good for you”

“You look too gaunt”


These are some of the opinions people hear (or more commonly, hear about) when taking steps to improve their health.

It reminds me of a Brene Brown quote that I love:

“If you’re not in the arena, getting your butt kicked too,

I’m not interested in your feedback”

Do others' opinions matter?

Often in these situations, people’s opinions can be fuelled by all sorts of things such as:

  • their previous experiences
  • their perceptions (which again can be generated in all manner of ways, some factual, some not)
  • their fears (is what you’re doing going to change you and highlight their insecurities?)
  • their self-image (the fact that you’ve chosen to do something might highlight what they know they should do but are avoiding)

…the list goes on.

There are obviously those that say:

“Good for you”

“You’re doing brilliantly, how can I help?”

“You look amazing”

^^^ spend more time with these friends 🙂

Having a support network – like the incredible one from Custom Fitness that supported Nicki Fraser and Junior Brett Leesing on Saturday night – is vital on any wellbeing journey.

People to encourage, motivate, support and uplift you throughout your journey.

Wherever you are on your own health and wellbeing journey, choose what and who you listen to. Get a good support network around you. Enjoy the journey.

If you’d like our support, or to hear more about how we can help on your health & wellbeing journey then please get in touch.