Is Easter the new “New Year”?

Is Easter the new “New Year”?

Is Easter the new “New Year”? OptiMum Health

Are you making chocolate resolutions?

New Years Resolutions are usually dim and distant memories by the end of February….then Easter hops along, with its flood of chocolate, roast dinners, cake and, oh did I mention chocolate?

The long bank holiday weekend and school Easter holiday break means we all relax into it a bit more and “one more won’t hurt”. Its easy to adopt the ‘famine or feast’ approach….eat every bit of chocolate and other sweet treat in the house in one go and then it’s gone….”the diet starts Monday”.

Guilt starts to creep in as the sun comes out, reminding you that summer is around the corner….and your “bikini body” is nowhere near ready.

So we mentally hop back in time and make those resolutions again – to cut out this, remove that and hit the gym every day NEXT week.

The fact that your thoughts of plans start NEXT week, or on Monday, rather than NOW is telling in itself. Why not start right NOW?

Do you NEED to eat up all the left-over chocolate and ‘treats’ before you start afresh? Does it psychologically suit you better to start at the beginning of the week? Or is it that you’re not looking forward to restricting yourself and so WANT a grace period to build up to it???

That’s the trouble with restriction – there’s very little, if any, pleasure in it. Pleasure is important in pursuit of health.

If we don’t enjoy the movement we’re asking our body to perform, if we don’t enjoy the food and drink we’re allowing our bodies to consume, if we’re always thinking forward to the “cheat meal” and “treats”, then there is a fundamental flaw in your long-term health plan.

Rather than planning the restrictions you’ll impose on yourself when the children go back to school next week, consider what you can start doing right NOW. What easy WINs can you implement quickly?

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Does it actually have to be about restriction at all???

7 things you can implement right away to make a difference

Could you improve your health and make a start NOW, by doing MORE of some things?

You could:

  •  increase the amount of water you are consuming.
  • increase the amount of vegetables you are eating at each meal.
  • add raw vegetables in for snacks if you need them.
  • switch all distractions off whenever you sit down (yes! Sit down) to eat – smell your food, taste it and listen to when your body tells you it’s actually full.
  • move more within your day – get up off your chair and walk about now. Use the stairs rather than a lift. Park a little further away from work or the shops.
  • make the most of the lighter mornings or evenings and go for a fast walk
  • stand a little taller, sit a little straighter.
  • get to bed at a more sensible time and switch your screens off an hour before sleep.


That’s 7 things you could easily do more of – add in one per day, starting NOW.

Think about what you enjoy – it might not be the gym.

It might be walking, swimming, dancing or any other activity – can you fit more of this into your schedule? Do you have a friend or neighbour that would like to join you? – you can keep each other accountable and motivated.

Considering your options in this way makes it seem less of a chore, and includes more of the things you can enjoy. When you think about it in this way, starting NOW isn’t such a big deal.

Talking of NOW – what else would you like support with?  Click here to get in touch now and let me know or try my 7 Day Restart.


Lisa is a Female Health Coach, offering her own brand of health coaching.  From pregnancy, to post-natal, peri-menopause and beyond. Incorporating sustainable life changes to help you increase vitality, improve strength, health and wellbeing.