Repeating the same approach doesn’t change the results

Repeating the same approach doesn’t change the results

Repeating the same approach doesn’t change the results OptiMum Health

This week has whizzed by faster than I could say “Easter holidays”.

So it doesn’t seem like a week ago that I snuck an extra training session in, working my upper body and core.  The post I put out on that day got a fair bit of feedback, which is a result, but that’s not what got me thinking this week.

Repeating the same approach doesn't change the results

Only 2 years ago, I HATED training my upper body.  I felt weak and struggled to lift much, I always tired before feeling any sort of pump in my arms and just didn’t really enjoy it at all.

So when I injured my hip, I had 3 options:



1. Just give up and not bother any more – the ‘do nothing‘ option

2. Carry on doing as I had been doing and getting the same non-achieving results without any enjoyment – the ‘do the same thing‘ option

3.  Make a change and do something different – the ‘do something different‘ option

These 3 options actually apply to a whole host of situations…..

….when we want to lose weight or get fitter in particular.

So what is the option most people tend to ‘plump’ for?

Repeating the same approach doesn't change the results

It tends to be a form of Option 2 – doing the same thing as they have done before.

They might go back on a diet that worked for them before.  Or go back to doing the same gym classes that they used to do before.

Will this work?


Yes, to a certain extent at least…


– will you enjoy it?
– will the results continue and last?

The answer to these important follow up questions is almost certainly a resounding NO.


If you’re going to stick at something for the long-term you need to find pleasure in it and it needs to suit your style, your routine and your beliefs.

The reason people tend to put weight back on or lose their fitness is that they STOP DOING WHAT ACHIEVED THEIR ‘SUCCESS’ IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Whether you call this going back to the old routine, falling off the diet bus or anything else – it’s life.

If you don’t enjoy it and it doesn’t fit your life, you won’t stick to it & your results will be hard earned and short lived.

Repeating the same approach doesn't change the results

That’s the start of your health plan.  Finding long-term solutions to achieve THOSE things, to ENJOY being able to do those activities.

So before you treat the start of the new school term as the start of a new diet/fad/regime – THINK.It’s not just about losing 10lbs by summer, or dropping a dress size for holiday.

This is about You enjoying your life for as long as possible.

So back to those options….I chose 3.  

I approached my training completely differently and tried different things – like flipping tyres, battling ropes & pulling sleds and found I LOVED it.  

So whereas I used to do it occasionally within my training programme, I changed my approach to make these elements the main part of my training programme.  You’ve seen the results….results that have continued because I ENJOY what I’m doing.

Just because I enjoy it though, doesn’t mean that You will.

When I’m coaching clients – either privately or in a small group – my main aim is to find what You enjoy and then support you to finds ways to incorporate that into your everyday.

Everyone’s journey is different and unique – where is your’s going to take You?

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