Is your plan letting your down?

Is your plan letting your down?

Is your plan letting your down? OptiMum Health

This week has been a challenge for me, working on some ‘behind the scenes’ business stuff….all part of the overall business plan.

Sorting out a YouTube channel and getting business onto Google+ too.  We’re on Vimeo too, if you use that.

I have to say this is my absolute least favourite part of running this business.

I love working with clients, helping them develop strategies for their own journeys, creating their workouts.  Writing articles on women’s health journeys – periods, pregnancy, post-natal, perimenopause and beyond is a passion and a pleasure….

but IT/computer based stuff is a pain in the ar$e!

It’s a necessity though – in order to spread the word about my services and share my content, I need a way to communicate it out to all you lovely ladies.  These days it comes through buttons like these.


Is your plan letting your down?

So I allocate time to it.  Have a go, get it wrong, try again and sometimes get bits right.  There are hiccups with broadband, computer – oh and TIME.  But, in being committed to the business, I recognise the importance of working on the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff…..

Is your plan letting your down?
The “behind the scenes” elements are ABSOLUTELY essential on your health and wellbeing journey too!

Making yourself a promise to eat better won’t be realised unless you think and plan for the meals you’re going to eat, what you’re going to drink and make sure you have the right ingredients in



Is your plan letting your down?


Training/movement/exercise can be thought about with good intentions


making sure you do it by ensuring you have time available in your schedule and then BOOK IT IN supports your aims.


These are all “behind the scenes” systems that not only support you on your journey, but make sure that journey starts and continues.  

Sure they’ll be detours, roadblocks and all sorts else along the way, but making sure you’ve sorted out and considered everything behind the scenes makes these diversions easier to deal with.

So which behind the scenes support systems could you work on this week?

Remember, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about having a plan….

Not sure where or how to start?  Get in touch and I’ll help you talk it through