Sticks & Stones – how words can help or hinder your weightloss journey.

Sticks & Stones – how words can help or hinder your weightloss journey.

Sticks & Stones – how words can help or hinder your weightloss journey. OptiMum Health


Words can be so powerful. They can build you up, rip
you down, make you smile or bring you to tears.

Like sticks & stones – could words can help or hinder
your weightloss journey.

This week on social media & with my clients, I’ve been
focussing on the language I use and the words my
clients use.

What’s that got to do with personal training or
fitness?” you may ask.


Sticks & Stones - how words can help or hinder your weightloss journey









Did you see the Facebook name test this week that gave
you a quote based on your details? My quote was:

Being happy doesn’t always mean getting what you want.
It means loving what you have, and being thankful for

This really does apply to your body, health and fitness

If you don’t love what you have now, the journey is
more difficult. Think back to a project that you’ve
worked on, at home or work, that you HATED.

^^^ that’s a strong word I know!

Remember what you thought about working on that
project, how you resented the time it took, put it off
as much as possible and didn’t give it your best

If you keep telling yourself you HATE your body – it’s
just the same. How can you care, nourish, motivate and
enhance something you HATE???

Now think of a project you’ve LOVED doing – a hobby,
something at home or work or elsewhere. You couldn’t
wait to spend time on it, loved every second you spent
on it, found ways to work round any difficulties,
positively cheered at the successes.

^^^ wouldn’t it be great to feel like that about your

When was the last time you said something kind to

It’s much easier to pick up on our negativities, our
insecurities, our weaknesses and, of course – the big
one – our FAILURES.

Sticks & Stones - how words can help or hinder your weightloss journey









Thing is, we can take those same words and turn them
round into something positive.

In another article, I shared 2 words that ruined my
year last year. Straightforward words that we use
everyday. This prompted a great discussion amongst my
clients and the phrase they most wanted to turn around
was “I give up”.

So next time you give up on your efforts, your body,
your fitness regime or anything else personal what
about choosing to:

GIVE UP the negative way you talk to yourself

GIVE UP the unrealistic expectations you
place on yourself

GIVE UP trying to be like someone else – be You!

GIVE UP measuring your standards and
body by what you see presented on social media.

Say those affirmations out loud!

Does it feel different using those “give up” words in
this positive way?

When you start to talk kindly to yourself and remove
the artificial yardsticks of trying to be like others,
your health and wellbeing journey not only becomes
easier….it becomes more FUN!

This next week, the word we’ll be focusing on is
“can’t”. All too often we use this word to protect
ourselves from a fear of failure. I see this
physically in so many people.

“I can’t do that”

“I can’t do a press-up”

“I can’t squat properly”

It’s my job to take those ‘I can’t’ phrases, understand
the mental and physical blocks behind them and rephrase

Here my words as a coach are incredibly important. The
language I use will make the difference between someone
finishing a session feeling like they’ve achieved
something amazing or feeling rubbish… the way, the
second of those 2 is just not an option!

So can you get through this next week without saying
“can’t”? Can you say something kind to yourself
everyday? See what difference that makes to your week.

Let me know how you get on!

Sticks & Stones - how words can help or hinder your weightloss journey

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