Selfish health benefits

Selfish health benefits

Selfish health benefits OptiMum Health

I felt a bit guilty earlier this afternoon….

I asked my husband (whose own ‘to do’ list is taller
than he is at the mo) to collect the children from Kidz
Club so that I could go train.

The guilt lasted all of about 3 seconds…. Why
shouldn’t I have that time? We’re both parents, and
whilst our work roles means we agree that I take the
lion-share of the childcare arrangements, I need
downtime too.

I’m actually quite rubbish at asking for help, so I
actually felt quite proud that I’d put myself first
this afternoon

^^^ how selfish does that sound???

Except it’s not!

Here’s why: For that hour I trained, I was totally
focussed. I worked hard, got rid of my tensions and
felt that wave of euphoria come over me that training

I went home a happy Mummy.

My children got a much calmer, patient (yes, me,
patient!) and more fun Mummy for the evening. My
husband got smiled at and talked calmly to….rather
than having his head bitten off.

The whole family had a happier evening because I put me
first, just for an hour.

As I sit writing this now, I can feel the creep of
muscle tiredness eaking in and it feels good – it was a
particularly enjoyable session…maybe it was my
super-comfy Be An Athlete leggings that made it so.

Personally, I think Kenny Loggins and Kim Wilde had a
lot to do with it 😉

Pure, self-indulgent me time.

You deserve it too.

What you do with it is entirely up to you, but please
never be afraid or guilty to ask for it.

It’s not selfish.

It’s not arrogant.

It’s not mercenary.

It is necessary!

Ask your other half, family, friends. The asking can be
the hard part be remember, you need it and you deserve
it too.

How do you like to spend your ‘me time’?

Ignoring your own needs is mercenary.  Put yourself first at least some of the time.

Ignoring your own needs is mercenary. Put yourself first at least some of the time.