Redefining Super-heroes

Redefining Super-heroes

Redefining Super-heroes OptiMum Health

This Christmas has been all about superheroes for my boys. My eldest asked me which Super Hero I would be if I had the chance….I didn’t have an answer.


At a push I’d probably say Wonder Woman, only because she’s the only female one I can think of.


Beyond this, lots of people aspire to be like celebrities and fitness models. Following details of their diets, fitness regimes, clothing and habits, sometimes to the nth degree.


I do think it’s good to have a goal to work towards (and encourage my clients to identify one) and have positive role models to inspire you.


Do these celebrities, fitness models and super heroes fit that bill?


Have the fitness models even achieved those physiques naturally?


Do their lives have any commonality with our own?


Bet none of them have to get up through the night to tend screaming children, wash bogeys out of bedding, scrub mud off every surface and repeatedly nag people to just put the toilet seat down!


All whilst maintaining a level of work, and a small semblance of sanity.


So when it comes to people who inspire me, I can no longer point to anyone even semi-famous.


I point to the lady in this picture with me – my Granma, and the lady who took the photo – my Mum.

My Super Hero

My Super Hero



My Granma took me along to her “Keep Fit” class when I was 8 – my introduction to the importance of making time for yourself and keeping yourself active.


Both my Granma and my Mum have the unique ability to see past my “brave face” and know when I’m struggling on the inside.


They allow me to be vulnerable, without feeling weak.


I’ve learnt from both of them the ability and importance of working hard, fighting for what I believe in, staying positive, speaking my mind and being mindful of other people’s perspectives.


Without a word, they can make me feel better – with a smile, a hug, a squeeze or a nudge.


They bring out the best in me.


They are Super Heroes and the skills described above are, undoubtedly, Super Powers.


They possess Mum Powers.


I aspire to offer my own children the same super powers as they grow up, and that will do me.


So rather than pinning your aspirations on some artificially presented person, look a little closer to home and be your own Superhero.



P.S. I also love that my Granma makes me look tall J

Lisa Gimenez-Codd is a Female Health & Exercise Coach. Supporting clients to reconnect them with their bodies, whilst building confidence and strength. Health, from the inside-out.