“New Year, New You!”

“New Year, New You!”

“New Year, New You!” OptiMum Health

“New Year, New You!” !!!

How many times have you seen or heard that in the last
couple of weeks?

All the new diets are out, gym deals and detox products
promising the answer to your needs. Everything
rebranded, looking glossy with something to suit
everyone…..or at least everyone’s wallet.

The question I have is – what’s wrong with the old

At this point, people will reel off a list of reasons
they need to lose weight and get fit. How often though
do you think through the reasons you’ve got that list
of reasons?

Here’s the crux of the issue for me.

People pop themselves on a diet and/or start hitting
the gym. They might even hire a trainer to push them a
bit harder. They work hard and stick rigidly to their
regime for a number of weeks, maybe even months.

Results start to happen so you ease back a little.
Maybe add in a “cheat day” on the eating…maybe more
than a day.

The little things start to creep back in. Biscuits,
beer or whatever else your Achilles heel is.

So gradually your “gains” are eaten into and the habits
you fought to establish start to wane a little. You
started January determined and focussed, but end March
with your resolutions being a fading memory.

Life returns to the way it was. Your schedule is
hectic. Your “free time” is busy. You naturally default
to the way you lived before your resolutions.

Then summer’s on the horizon and you think about your
holiday, summer clothes and outings. That aesthetic
appearance becomes more important again. The obvious
thing to do is to hop back on the diet bus and hit the
gym a bit harder again.

Autumn arrives bringing with it darker nights. The
wetter, colder weather chills your enthusiasm somewhat.
As this morphs into winter and the pre-Christmas
parties start, your social calendar and the lure of a
warm, comfy sofa dim any intentions to ‘stick to it’.

Then it’s Christmas and the real indulgences start.
“It’s only for Christmas and then I’ll get back on it”
– right? You then end up in the next January right
where you were in the previous one – although you may
even weigh that little bit more….

When people use the phrase “New Year, New You”, they’re
typically referring to just the way you look. But does
this actually change the lifestyle approach behind the

Following a diet plan only ever teaches you to follow a
diet plan.

"New Year, New You!"?









How many years do you plan to allow this yo-yo approach
to continue? If you look back over the last 10 years,
how many times have you done this?

Is it time to put aside those ideals of losing a
miraculous amount of weight in an unrealistic
timeframe? Are you ready to start to question the
reasons why you fall off that diet bus.

Could you start to look at your whole lifestyle,
including your relationship with food, and consider
making gradual, progressive changes to those things
over time? Would this possibly allow you to ingrain
new approaches into your everyday life in a sustainable
way, to last for the longer term?

What about changing your focus? Instead of
concentrating on the number on the scales, you could:


– look for ways to achieve more balance in your life –
between work, rest & play

– concentrate on your health

– increasing energy levels, quality of sleep,
improved immune function

– identify something you really enjoy doing,
activity-wise, and work on improving your skill at it
by becoming stronger, fitter, more flexible…whatever
your activity requires.

This could be increasing opportunities to move without
pain or inhibition.

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We’d all love a quick fix, or miracle approach to
achieve that “New You”. In reality though, the way to
find the “New You” lies very much in the “Old You”.

Lisa is a Personal Trainer & Pilates coach,
specialising in female health. Lisa believes in
sustainable life changes to help you increase vitality,
improve strength, health and wellbeing.