Is private coaching a luxury item?

Is private coaching a luxury item?

Is private coaching a luxury item? OptiMum Health

I recently took a bit step forward with the purchase of
an electric toothbrush. Dentists always recommend them
for a ‘superior clean’ and better oral hygiene.

They are a bit pricey though….to buy a decent one
you’re looking at spending up towards £50 or even
more….for a toothbrush!!! I mean when the non-electric
ones cost a little over £1 and do the job just fine,
why would you consider spending so much on what’s
surely a “luxury item”?

Well, on a recent trip to the supermarket my husband
spotted these particular electric toothbrushes were
half price and so bought me one (I know – such a
romantic!). I was really interested to see whether it
made any difference.

You know what? It really does!

The 2 minutes (which otherwise can seem like quite a
long time) flies by and my mouth and teeth feel
completely different afterwards. So was it worth it –
absolutely! And now having tried it, I would actually
pay the full price for a new one too.

An experience can change your perspective on something completely. #toothbrushfitness

This is the same with your fitness too.
Here private coaching (or personal training) is seen as a luxury item, even an extravagant expense. You can just do it yourself can’t you?

Go for a run from your own front door. Hop down to the local leisure centre to use the pool or maybe even join a nearby gym and have a go on all the machines. You don’t need a private coach, do you?

Or do you?

You see the private coaching offered by myself is a bit like the
electric toothbrush experience. Taking time to get to
know you, to understand your training experience, the
time you have available, your mindset, any injury
history or any other issues relevant to you can
identify key factors in succeeding and supporting you
through change where otherwise you may falter.

By listening to You and watching you move, I can get
into the nitty gritty of your fitness requirements.
Coach you on improving movements where relevant, to
help reduce the chance of injury and increase the
return from exercise for You.

Just as my new toothbrush has a sensor that tells me
when I’m pushing the toothbrush too hard on my teeth,
as a coach I pay careful attention to my clients’
energy levels and stress levels.

Why is this relevant?

If you’re already stressed out to your eyeballs, just
‘beasting’ you for an hour in the gym is potentially
going to increase your body’s stress response, reducing
the benefit of the session, increasing your fatigue
levels and the likelihood of injury for you.

It is all a learning process though. Going back to my
toothbrush, I learnt early on that, once you’ve applied
toothpaste to the brush, you need to put it in your
mouth before switching it on – to avoid redecorating
your bathroom with toothpaste!

Sounds like common sense really doesn’t it?! Some
things though need to be learnt through time and
experience. A coach needs time to get to know You –
your likes, dislikes, and those things that spur you
on, improve your motivation and ensure you ENJOY your
fitness journey.

There is still that niggle of cost though, isn’t there?

Would it be worth the money to invest in private
coaching for your own fitness and wellbeing journey?
Only You can answer that. These days we tend to
consider cost before the value to ourselves, and our

Before you dismiss it completely on the
presumption that it will just be too expensive,
consider the options available.

I offer shorter sessions at a reduced rate.

Semi-private sessions (where you are in a
small group of individuals with similar goals) offer a
lower priced option along with the motivation of being
in a group.

I know with my electric toothbrush that if all else
fails, I can go back to my “manual” version with little
cost or consequence. It’s exactly the same with private
coaching – the only danger is that, just like me with
my toothbrush, once you’ve tried it you might not want
to do without it….but that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

If you’re ready for a new approach to your own fitness & wellbeing journey, then please get in touch.