Why I’m glad someone farted in Pilates!

Why I’m glad someone farted in Pilates!

Why I’m glad someone farted in Pilates! OptiMum Health

Pop “farting in Pilates” into Google and you get a vast array of posts, images and even videos!!!

It’s a standard joke, or so it seems.Pilates Lincoln Lincolnshire

But I can honestly say it’s something quite rare on my courses.

Am I boasting?


Do I think it’s a bad sign?


Farting is part of being human.


Why does it happen?

Any number of things can make us “windy” – including stress
during the day, what we’ve eaten and drunk and how close to our
class we had something to eat.

But when IT happened in one of my classes a couple of week’s ago,
I was actually really pleased!


We were doing a variation of the Side Bend and the trump happened
as the lady was contracting her muscles to lift up.

So the fact that she farted told me something really important!

Pilates Lincoln LIncolnshire


It highlighted the fact that she’d lost her Core Breathing and
was actually bearing down and out into her pelvic floor and
abdominal wall to complete the move.


Why does this matter?

It puts a lot of pressure onto the pelvic floor, which can
exacerbate existing weakness or lead to poor core mechanics if
repeated over time.

We all had a right giggle about it – including the lady herself.
The lovely thing about running Pilates as courses is we all get
to know each other. We have a private space that allows us to
talk openly about these sort of things when we want.

…and I tend to talk about the pelvic floor quite a lot – also
mentioning the words anus and vagina.

I think the more we do talk about these things, the more ‘normal’
and less ‘taboo’ it becomes.

If this encourages one woman to seek support for an abdomen or
pelvic floor that doesn’t feel quite right, feels heavy or is
bulging then it’s worth it!

Why it helps to talk about it

Pilates Lincoln LincolnshireBeing a small group, of friendly supportive women we were able to talk about the point in the exercise that the flatulence happened
and talk through how it felt and what was going on at the time.

So we all reviewed our Core Breathing – synchronising the
diaphragm with the pelvic floor, abdominal wall and spinal
muscles, whilst mindfully doing the exercise and BOOM!

….no not more farts – but everyone felt an even greater
connection with their centre.

Everyone felt stronger doing the move.

Everyone felt more comfortable about the fact that it doesn’t
really matter if a fart happens – because it can be a brilliant
indicator of what’s going on too.

So if you find that you fart or leak when doing any movements
like lifting, squatting, jumping, laughing, coughing or even
sneezing – don’t ignore the sign your body is giving You.

If you’re controlling your core by creating pressure down into
your abdomen and pelvic floor, then it’s only a matter of time
before something gives – either your pelvic floor and/or your

Prevention is always better than the cure – it saves you time,
effort, money and pain!

So if there’s a niggle or nagging feeling that’s been with you
for some time, take that step and do something about it now!

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