Why I don’t offer “Body Transformations” as a female personal trainer Lincoln

Why I don’t offer “Body Transformations” as a female personal trainer Lincoln

Why I don’t offer “Body Transformations” as a female personal trainer Lincoln OptiMum Health

When people traditionally think of Personal Training
they tend to visualise “Body Transformations”.

Social media and the internet are awash with images of
miraculous changes in the figures of both men and
women, urging us all to jump onboard the bandwagon to
gain ripped abs and a chiselled musculature.

Truth is when you first start as a personal trainer,
this can seem like the pinnacle of your career –
offering this service because everyone wants to look
like that, right? Thing is, even if they do, are they
prepared to give up what it takes to achieve those

Is a body transformation really what you’re after?

More often than not, the people that I meet and work
with are actually after a better quality of life. It
may be that they don’t know where to start with
nutrition, are fed up with falling on and off the diet
bus, are nervous of returning to or starting exercise.

Increasingly new Mums are more concerned with
supporting their body’s recovery from pregnancy and
childbirth and building strength to mother their
growing baby without provoking aches, pains and
experiencing leakage whenever they laugh, cough or sneeze.

Often ladies in their 40s and 50s are seeking ways to
cope with the changes in their body that peri-menopause
brings.  They want to find ways to manage the
‘side-effect’s’, maintain their bone health and increase

Some would just like to be able to do other things we
take for granted – like loading the washing machine and
doing the vacuuming, without pain.

The same approach can not be applied to all of these
people. Beasting someone for an hour until they’re
beetroot red, sweating like a pig and crawling out the
door on hands and knees does not automatically qualify
you for the Personal Training hall of fame.

Do you need a Personal Trainer that follows their own advice?

A number of clients have also commented in recent weeks
that I “really do follow the lifestyle” – absolutely!
I practice this in terms of my children and clients
alike – how can I ask them to behave one way if I don’t
stick to it myself? This does not mean that I eschew
all things tempting however.

It has amused me on a couple of social occasions where
people felt the need to tell me it was “only their
second glass of wine” or they are “just having the one
cake”. Truth is I love cake, but even more than cake,
I adore chocolate.

To my friends astonishment I did completely give it up
for 6 months to see the effect it would have on my own
body fat (it did reduce it, not surprisingly) but with
a recent house move and children on summer holidays,
I’ve decided for the sake of my husband’s health, that
a little bit of chocolate here and there is worth it.

This proves my point that when working with
individuals, any coach must take the time to understand
that individual. Their preferences for food, drink and
exercise. Their work, family and social schedule.

Understand their goals and not be afraid to be
honest where these do not fit with their current
lifestyle. Sometimes you change the lifestyle
(gradually), sometimes you evolve your goals.

Life is about choice.

The choices you make affect who you are, what you achieve and how you feel. From time
to time, we all make the wrong choices but effective
coaching is then about helping your client learn from
those situations, and getting back on track – even if
the track is then on a slightly alternative route.

So now when people ask me whether I “do Body
Transformations?” I smile and say “No, I offer Life

If you’d like to chat about how I could support you then please do get in touch.