Has fear of change blocked your health & fitness journey?

Has fear of change blocked your health & fitness journey?

Has fear of change blocked your health & fitness journey? OptiMum Health

There’s something I should’ve done 5 months
ago…but haven’t.

I knew it would involve a change….and fear
of change blocked me making a decision.

I’ve been putting it off, and putting it off.

I knew it would take time in making a
decision and even when the decision was made
then there’d still be more to do to effect
the change.

So there was always something else to do.
Some other priority.

Has fear of change blocked your health & fitness journey?

Does anyone really like change?











Until it was impossible to avoid any more and
I had to face up to it.

I started investigating the options and the
choices were even greater than I had

In fact, I felt totally overwhelmed by the
choices available – how was I supposed to
decide between so many different options with
seemingly little difference to determine
between them?

So I put it off again, for a bit longer.

Then, I got some help.

Someone who understood the options, better
than I did. Someone who could put the whole
process into perspective.

Suddenly it didn’t seem so daunting.

Now, I could make a decision and know I could
then just work my way through the process a
bit at a time and get it all sorted.

And I did.

^^^ What was this all about?

It was actually about changing my phone!

Has fear of change blocked your health & fitness journey?









That’s all.

Something relatively simple
really if you’re good with technology and all
that sort of thing. For me, as long as my old
phone worked and did the basics of what I
needed, I was able to put off that whole

But then, my phone started to fail.

I was left with no choice really but to get
on with it, and seeking that help from
someone I trusted really made it easier to
just get on with it.

This is often the same with our health,
fitness and our bodies.

Deciding to do something about the way we
feel, what we can physically achieve and how
we look can be straightforward, whilst
actioning that decision can be much more

Often though, we don’t even see the need to
make the decision until our body or health
start to fail in someway.

Your back pain becomes unbearable. You
succumb to a major illness or someone close
to you does. You struggle to play or keep up
with younger members of your family. Getting
through each day starts to seem like an
endurance event in itself.

Making the decision and being ready to make a
change is the first vital step.

Then what?

Should you join a gym or go to classes? Which
classes should you do? Spin? Aerobics? Bums
and tums? Boxercise? Pilates? Circuits?

Should you go for longer training sessions
for endurance or short bursts? Should you
workout before you eat, first thing…that
fasted cardio fad?

Or should you radically change your
nutrition? How though? Which would be best –
low fat? Low calorie? Low carbs? No carbs?
Carb backloading or cycling? Maybe you should
detox first….surely there’s a product you can
buy for that?

This fast becomes overwhelming!

Has fear of change blocked your health & fitness journey?

The range of options on health & fitness can seem overwhelming.











Understanding the difference between these
approaches can seem impossible, let alone
knowing which one is best for You.

So again, you put it off. Or make an attempt
to start but lose faith and just feel
overwhelmed and unmotivated.

This is where having a coach can help.

Not just any coach though.

So which qualifications should you look for
in a coach. By all means, ensure they are
qualified to coach you safely in what you
want to achieve. More than anything though,
ensure you feel comfortable with them.

The best quality you coach needs to have to
best serve you?

They need to listen.

Has fear of change blocked your health & fitness journey?

Seek a Coach who listens to what you want & what you don’t, who you are & why you’re there











A bit like my ‘phone angel’ did. He listened
to what was putting me off changing. He
listened to how, why and when I used my phone
and advised me accordingly….based on my needs
and basis for use….not based on which phone
had the best specification or was the most

When it comes to your health and fitness,
jumping on the latest bandwagon can seem like
the best idea. The A-list celebrities are
doing it, the ads show incredible results and
it’s not that expensive – it has to

For some it may well.

You need, and deserve, what is right for You.

What will suit your readiness for change,
your schedule, your starting point, your
goals and dreams and your enjoyment factors.

At this time of year, you’ll be bombarded
with diets, products, equipment, schemes and
regimes all promising the body beautiful and
bountiful health.

Wouldn’t it be better to invest in a system
that listens to You and works with You?

I now have a phone that does exactly what I
want, when I want it to without costing me
the Earth.

The process is not dissimilar. The end
results can be.

What will you choose?

Lisa is a Personal Trainer specialising in
female health. Working with women at all
stages of their womanhood journey to return
vitality, strength and confidence.

Get in touch if you’d like to talk to Lisa
about the best options for You.