What are your gremlins saying?

What are your gremlins saying?

What are your gremlins saying? OptiMum Health

What are your gremlins saying?

I remember being a young girl and my Dad
advising me to “listen to that little voice
in your head” – he was, of course, referring
to my instinct.

This is the ‘good voice’ inside your head –
the one that rarely, if ever, let’s you down.

As we grow older, other voices start to crowd
out this voice though. These voices may not
be as positive.

They pop that little bit of self-doubt in your head.

What are you hearing?

What are you hearing?


Once they’ve planted that seed of self-doubt
they feed it and grow it exponentially to
stop you from doing ‘stuff’.

They could be voices saying:

you need to lose weight before you go to the

people will laugh when they see how unfit
you are”,

you’ll never stick to that diet”,

you won’t survive on rabbit food”.

These gremlins are not kind. They know
exactly how to touch a nerve and spark your
weak spot.

Sometimes though, these gremlins can cleverly
disguise themselves as positive messages,
protecting you from harm. Phrases in your
head such as:

I’ll struggle to do that”,

I can’t do that because of my back”,

doing that will aggravate my injury”.


The result of listening to all and any of
these phrases is the same thing – you stop
doing things. You don’t attempt things.

So nothing changes. That back ache persists,
the weight stays the same (or might even
increase), your injury takes longer to heal.

Ignoring those negative messages in your head
can be really difficult. Taking that first
step out of your comfort zone, against the
advice of the gremlins can be incredibly

Take that first step.

Movement is like WD40 for your body, joints
and muscles. Avoiding movement can contribute
to stiffening, tightening and loss of

Your first stage of movement may simply be
going for a walk, a gentle swim or a ride on
your bike – something that appeals to You,
that You can enjoy.

If taking that first step on your own is too
daunting, or you simply can’t decide on the
direction to take, talk to a Coach – someone
like myself or someone else you know.

Find someone you feel comfortable
and safe with and use their support to quash
your gremlins.

Even those of you already on a fitness
journey may have to battle gremlins –

you deserve that cheat meal”,

one bottle of wine won’t hurt”,

it doesn’t matter if you skip today’s workout”.

Do you know what – your gremlin may be right
on all of those points! On the odd occasion
and depending what your goals are. Still be wary
of where they may be leading you.

Start talking kindly and positively to
yourself. You may do this by repeating
motivational affirmations to yourself

I can do this”,

I am getting better/stronger/fitter”,

I deserve to feel good”.

So give some power back to that positive
voice of instinct and tell your gremlins to
“do one!”.

If you’d like more information on returning
to exercise, whether it’s for the first time
or after injury or would just like support
and direction for Yourself, please get in
touch by clicking here.


Take care how You talk to Yourself

Take care how You talk to Yourself