Are you having fun with your fitness?

Are you having fun with your fitness?

Are you having fun with your fitness? OptiMum Health

Fun fitness – is it an oxymoron?

Do you look forward to working out? Or do you hunt for
any excuse going to avoid exercising.

Do you exercise because you enjoy it or because you
‘have to’?

I’m a firm believer that fitness should be fun!

Does your exercise approach make you buzz or fill you with dread?

Does your exercise approach make you buzz or fill you with dread?











Sure there’ll be elements in programmes I write that my
clients don’t enjoy so much, but these will be tempered
with movements I know they like (and still serve a
purpose), regularly sprinkled with new challenges to
help maintain their motivation.

A key part of my initial screening process is finding
out what people ENJOY doing. What have they done in
the past that they liked, as well as what they didn’t
like. Do they have something they’d like to try, have
a go at or get better at?

Linking your fitness efforts to real enjoyment helps
immensely with motivation.

How to have “Fun Fitness”

Is your fitness drudge the time it takes versus the
time you ‘have available’? Do you spend your whole
workout looking at the clock, mind elsewhere, thinking
of the things you still have to get done?

These factors are likely to affect the effectiveness of
your workout and actually result in creating more
stress for you….which may ultimately not benefit your
overall health.

Working with a coach can help identify the best way for
you to incorporate fitness into your life NOW. To suit
your schedule, minimize stress and help you feel great.

For me, training time is my most mindful time of a day.
It’s my escape. It’s my investment in me – for
strength, confidence, bone health, balance and
sanity…to name a few.

Training may well, in fact probably will, mean
something completely different to You. We all have our
own drivers and reasons which we need to acknowledge
and incorporate into our fitness system…we need to
enjoy them.

Your enjoyment or fulfillment from a fitness approach
can wane and change over time. What worked for you in
your 20s may not be your idea of fun in subsequent
decades…. Yet we mistakenly think because it worked
then, it will work now.

Your body’s needs and wants change over time, as do
your other tastes. So is it time for you to shake up
your approach to fitness?

Do you need to shake off the shackles of your current
approach and find something new that lets you fly free?

Only You can decide….but know that it should be fun.

If you’d like help on changing your approach or even
starting up and finding what’s fun for you, please get
in touch

Lisa is a female health coach, supporting women
through all stages of their lives. Specialising in
pregnancy, post-natal and peri-menopausal health and
fitness coaching. To get in touch, please click here