Are your Boobs Breaking your Back?

Are your Boobs Breaking your Back?

Are your Boobs Breaking your Back? OptiMum Health

Despite the title, this article applies to all women, irrespective of the size of their breasts.

Those with larger boobs may hunch forward seemingly under the weight of their chest furniture, whilst those with smaller chests may hunch forward in a subconscious attempt to shield or hide their chests.

This posture – head carried forward, shoulders rounded over – is also encouraged by today’s modern lifestyles. Sitting at a desk, in a car, sinking into comfy sofas are a large part of our daily inactivity and all promote the same deterioration in posture which can lead to upper and/or lower back pain.

The solution…it depends!

Improving the strength of our chest muscles helps make those boobs look more pert.

However, if your head is carried forward (potentially causing low back pain) and your shoulders are rounded (potentially leading to shoulder and upper back pain), strengthening these muscles in isolation is simply going to make the situation worse.

Addressing head carriage, upper back strength, pelvic and core stability whilst lengthening your chest muscles may prove a better starting point.

I always assess each person individually to understand how they move, stand and sit; how their lifestyle affects their stature; where muscular imbalances exist. This determines whether to prioritise strength over stretching or vice versa; or even a combination of the two across different parts of the body.

Addressing all of these points at the same time also has the added advantage of making you look taller and slimmer – RESULT!

You see that rounded posture reduces your height and tends to make your belly protrude.

Investing time to address these issues soon gives the appearance of weight loss, improved confidence and elegance.