I now have confidence in my core to do the right thing. To listen to my body and develop my overall body strength, with my core at the very centre.

It was so much more than a core strength programme. I was in a small class which felt very personalised.  I loved the equipment bag!  So much stuff to love about the Holistic Core Restore® course”

(1) how to breathe and align my body – was surprised what a difference this has made (2) I thought the exercises were simple and straightforward but so effective an easy to do myself at home (3) it has taught me to value myself and has calmed me down which has made it easier to take everything in my stride”

and am far more aware of my pelvic floor & working on maintaining that new strength.  I have also learned how to use the equipment at home to build strength in all areas of my body – deceptively powerful!!!  Great advice on developing good toilet habits and the nutrition advice was excellent”  

We think having a baby is all about looking after them, but we need to look after ourselves too because if we don’t then baby will not get 100%. From breathing, lifting, eating and of course exercises, which I am still doing. I AM SO GLAD I DID THE COURSE AND CAN HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS.” 

make me aware of my body after the birth of my son and helped me to start exercising in a safe way, building up week by week.” 

She clearly tailored my massage to suit my specific needs and problem areas and brought significant relief even in the first session.”

After massage my afternoon walks were a lot easier”