Stronger Mummy Programme

stronger mummy programme

Stronger Mummy ® programme. A unique programme to support new Mums in the post-natal recovery process whether your baby is 6 weeks, 6 months or a year old. Specifically for Mums with babies between 6 weeks and 1 year, this unique programme supports Mums to reset your alignment, rebalance your core and support your body’s recovery in the post-natal period.

Thank you so much again. You’ve set me on the right road that I’m not sure I could have found alone.
Mum of 2 Jo’s words after attending our course.

The Stronger Mummy Programme focuses on you and your needs.Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood are all taxing on our body, mind and energy!

This programme:

  • Starts with your breath
  • Reconnects you with your core
  • Assesses for and supports abdominal separation (diastasis recti)
  • Provides support for common pelvic floor issues
  • Supports you nutritionally

Encourages you to gradually include movement to strengthen your body and that relates to your role as a Mum

“It’s really helped make me aware of my body after the birth of my son and helped me to start exercising in a safe way, building up week by week.”

The Stronger Mummy Programme course includes:

  • 4 private face-to-face sessions (approx. 45 minutes each)*
  • Mummy massage session (around 75 minutes) to release your body and relax your mind
  • diastasis recti checks and support in restoring function and tension where diastasis is an issue
  • online videos to support you through your recovery
  • online seminars on nutrition, gut health & stress management to watch when convenient for You
  • recipe pack that is based on simple foods and no-faff meals-pelvic floor reintegration
  • Pilates Ebook for home use

* that you can bring your baby along too. I understand the logistical difficulties that childcare can present and so in these private sessions you are welcome to bring your baby along with toys/comforters. Mums that have attended the course feel they gain more from the sessions if they are able to attend without their little ones and enjoy the opportunity to focus on themselves completely for that time.

Your Stronger Mummy® programme is available for £300. Book now by clicking the button below:

Or click here to message Lisa regarding payment in installments.

Claire said: “Lisa was very good she taught me many issues and facts I never knew after having a baby. We think having a baby is all about looking after them, but we need to look after ourselves too because if we don’t then baby will not get 100%. From breathing, lifting, eating and of course exercises, which I am still doing. I AM SO GLAD I DID THE COURSE AND CAN HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS.

Zoe said: “After having my third baby I realised that I needed to get my body back on track and in better shape for me and mychildren. I felt totally unfit and struggled to run up the stairs. Lisa was excellent, she listened to what I wanted from the course and tailored exercises to meet my needs and fit in with family life.

Lisa has an extensive knowledge on post natal care and I learnt so much about how to safely get back into exercise and how to rectify my pelvic floor issues. After practising the exercises Lisa taught me, I CAN NOW FEEL STOMACH MUSCLES I HAVE NOT FELT IN YEARS (and I have trained in the gym in between all of my pregnancies). Lisa is able to make you feel confident, supported and like anything is possible. I am looking forward to continue working with Lisa to achieve my long term goals.

Plus some anonymous feedback from a recent survey: “A massive thank you to Lisa for this course. It’s really helped make me aware of my body after the birth of my son and helped me to start exercising in a safe way, building up week by week. The support during the week was also fantastic, a little text or email to see how I was getting on kept me motivated. The online support was brilliant as when you’re a tired mum sometimes retaining information is challenging, the videos meant I could refresh my memory!!

stronger mummy programme

“There was no doubt that I’d seek support from Lisa at Optimum after the birth of my son Joseph, knowing just how much knowledge and experience she has.I suppose I’m like a lot of new mums in that I felt that was invincible and would be able to just do everything that I did before my son was born. But realistically I knew that I couldn’t and wouldn’t, no matter how fit I was before, or how fit I kept myself during pregnancy.The post-natal course with Lisa which covers the physical, nutritional and emotional aspects of recovery, has put me well on the roadback to where I was before pregnancy. With the physical recovery and restoration work building up my core strength again, I already feel that I will be even stronger than I was before and I’m only 8 weeks post birth!I’m one happy mummy and a happy mummymakes for a happy baby” Laura Collins

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What is diastasis recti?

During the latter stages of pregnancy, women experience a separation of the abdominal bodies to allow their abdomen to expand for their baby to grow. All being well, this “stretch” restores itself in the days and weeks following birth. Women may notice a change in the appearance of their abdomen where diastasis recti subsists –clients describe this in a variety of ways: A poochy tummy; “still looking pregnancy no matter what I do”; “my belly bulges out when I move”.

Whilst the concern may understandably lie in how your abdomen looks, diastasis recti also has implications on how your core works and can sometimes coincide with ongoing back ache and/or pelvic floor dysfunction.It’s not just about the gap. The distance between the abdominal bodies is usually measured using fingers and described in terms of a number of finger widths (technically there needs to be at least a 2 finger distance to classify a diastasis recti). HOWEVER the tension through your midline is at least as important as the distance between those abdominal bodies.  Technically speaking, there is no “gap” simply stretched connective tissue. Our goal is to restore appropriate tension through that tissue and coach you to utilise your whole core to facilitate restoration of your diastasis. It’s not just about exercise. Support for diastasis is not just about exercise and certainly not about sit-ups. The Stronger Mummy ® programme and my coaching takes a holistic view to help you integrate a full person approach to improve your connection through that area of your abdomen.

lisa kids mummy programme

Here’s what Zoe thought: “I was thrilled this week to learn that my post natal abdominal separation is closing up, yay! Back on the road towards lifting again! Following Gracie’s rushed arrival, I was told by the surgeon that I have a bicornuate, or heart shaped uterus, hence why she was stuck and struggling in there. We’re very, very lucky to even have our beautiful babe. But this did mean extra slicin’ and dicin’ on the slab during the c-section and so my recovery is taking a little longer. I couldn’t be where I’m at now without the support and knowledge of Lisa Gimenez-Codd at OptiMum Health. So few women are given the appropriate help and support by health services following any type of childbirth. Core and pelvic floor restoration are essential to ensure that Mums are ready for everything a new baby brings, busy lives and returning to exercise if they wish. Whether you’re in your fourth trimester with a new bubba, or nurturing your children many years after birth, I’d urge you to explore the support of a female health and exercise coach such as Lisa. You’ll be glad you did!’”Zoe Mills