Pilates Membership 2024

Thank you for choosing my

2024 Pilates Membership

All courses will be in OptiMum Health’s Boutique Studio in Potterhanworth, LN4 2ED, following set protocols** to minimise risk and maximise safety for all.

Should in-person sessions be curtailed due to Government guidance, sessions shall revert to Zoom for all attendees.

Course sizes will be limited to just 6 people per session to provide additional support and guidance throughout.

Benefits of holding Pilates Membership

Courses are available to book individually but holding a Pilates Membership provides the following additional benefits:

  • automatic pre-booking on listed courses throughout the year
  • discount compared with booking the course individually (saving c£50 per year)
  • discount offered for OptiMum Health events
  • access to Online Pilates Membership site

All Pilates courses are subject to OptiMum Health’s terms and conditions.  To view these Terms and Conditions please click here.  Acceptance of these terms is inherent in making your booking.

2024 courses are planned as follows:

(Choose between Monday or Thursday courses below)

Monday sessions will be held from 7-8pm on the following dates:

From to Duration (weeks) Bank Holidays
Mon 15-Jan-24 Mon 05-Feb-24 4 0
Mon 26-Feb-24 Mon 25-Mar-24 5 0
Mon 15-Apr-24 Mon 20-May-24 5* 1
Mon 03-Jun-24 Mon 08-Jul-24 6 0
Mon 09-Sep-24 Mon 14-Oct-24 6 0
Mon 04-Nov-24 Mon 02-Dec-24 5 0
* no session on Bank Holiday 6th May


Thursday sessions will be held on the following dates:

From to Duration (weeks) Bank Holidays
Thu 18-Jan-24 Thu 08-Feb-24 4 0
Thu 29-Feb-24 Thu 28-Mar-24 5 0
Thu 18-Apr-24 Thu 16-May-24 5 0
Thu 06-Jun-24 Thu 11-Jul-24 5* 1
Thu 12-Sep-24 Thu 17-Oct-24 6 0
Thu 07-Nov-24 Thu 05-Dec-24 5 0

*no session on Thursday 13th June

** All attendees of in-person sessions are required and agree to abide by the following precautions & considerations for fellow attendees:

  • do not attend the in-person sessions if you have a temperature, feel unwell, have lost your sense of taste/smell or otherwise suspect you may have Covid-19 or have any bacterial infection
  • Let me know any niggles/injuries BEFORE the session
  • you can enter the Studio only at the time of your session – I will open the door for you.  
  • mats and chairs will already be laid out in the Studio with appropriate distancing – please do not move them
  • fill up the mats from the back of the Studio to the front as you enter
  • leave the Studio promptly at the end of your session, to allow cleaning to take place
    • any thoughts or questions from the session can be sent to me via WhatsApp and, where needed, I can arrange a time to chat with you via video call
  • please let me know immediately if you subsequently test positive for Covid-19 in the days following attending the Studio
  • switch off your phones or turn them to silent before you start the session
  • let me know in advance where possible, if you’re unable to attend a session

Please follow these guidelines each time you attend an in-person session in the Studio.  

If you can’t make your chosen course in any week, please let me know, and where possible, an alternative session will be offered.

Your Pilates Membership also includes free access to:

  • Monday evening Zoom Pilates sessions
  • Online Pilates library

for more information on how to access these please pop me a message.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch


07726 713191

[email protected]