Nutritional Coaching


As an MNU Certified Nutritionist, I believe that nutritional coaching is about way more than giving you a meal plan….in fact this is something I am most unlikely to do for you.

Nutritional Coaching packages

Nutritional Coaching packages start from where you are –understanding the role food and drink currently plays in your life, the time you have for shopping and cooking, whether you even like cooking!!!

Togeher, we look at what you’d like to achieve, how you’d like to feel and, just as importantly, what steps it’s realistic for you to take towards those.

I believe in managing your expectations –being clear about what you can expect to achieve based on the changes you can implement and supporting you through the process.This isn’t just about what goes on your plate and in your mouth….It’s about the choices you make before that point, your energy and designing an approach to suit where you are in your life right now.  Understanding your relationship with food & drink, what you enjoy and how you “use” it.    What happens for you when things are “going well” and what your default actions are when they’re not going so well too….

My 1-2-1 Nutritional Coaching packages include an initial assessment & follow-up as follows:

  • Initial Assessment-Pre-screening (completion of an online questionnaire)
  • Online consultation lasting 60-90 minutes, where I’ll listen to your current situation, understand your struggles, get clear on your aims and uncover the details to design a plan specifically for you
  • Identifying Homework for you which may include completion of a food diary to provide observational information to support the consultation (this will not necessarily involve calorie counting and can be done in a variety of ways to suit your needs).
nutritional coaching lady with chocolate


Prior to the arranged virtual follow-up meeting, I’ll send you a full report including a summary of the Online Consultation and personal recommendations for you.

During the virtual follow-up meeting, we will discuss the recommendations and determine a plan for you to implement them – based on what you feel you can achieve and commit toThe

Full Support Nutritional Coaching package also includes 2 hours of further check-in virtual meetings.  These can be taken as 2x1hour sessions or 4 x ½ hoursessions (which most clients prefer to give a longer period of support and accountability).  These further virtual sessions will look at how well the plan is working for you, including discussion around any adjustments that need to be made and how these can be implemented.  We can also discuss any new events that may arise.

The key is to ensure you feel supported and confident with your nutrition, energised and in control.

Here’s what my clients say: