Sports Massage is not just for sporty people!

– it describes an approach for soft tissue work that allows you to relax, release tension and reconnect with your body. This is all part of our ‘In Person‘ set of packages. Many people associate massage with relaxation but the benefits of the massage and complementary techniques I use have further benefits including:

  • Relieving pain, discomfort and tension in the body
  • Supporting recovery from events such as pregnancy and childbirth
  • Releasing “stuck” tissues that have become tight due to repetitive postures, injury or surgery
  • Facilitating freer movement around joints
  • Promoting restful sleep and supporting healing of the body overall
sports massaging

“I felt more fluidity in more movement and much more comfortable. I also slept really well that night!”

My Massage services complement all the other programmes and courses I offer and can be a great way to introduce yourself to my services.

sports massage leg ankle thigh

“Before my massage I was experiencing aches in my lower legs, feeling very heavy and tight. After massage my afternoon walks were a lot easier”

“My shoulders and neck were eased and I felt my lower back was more flexible”

Your First Massage Session

Your first massage session will last up to 80 minutes and include an assessment of your alignment, movement and time to understand areas where you would like to feel improvement. Ahead of your massage appointment I will ask you to complete a detailed pre-screening online so that we can maximise time during your appointment to physically support you.

Initial Massage Assessment

Following the initial assessment, I will talk you through my analysis on how I propose to approach the massage in that first session and beyond.

I aim for clients to feel a tangible difference within 3 sessions, though many have felt benefits following their initial appointment.

Your massage will include a range of traditional deep tissue massage techniques as well as other approaches that integrate your movement or focus to allow you to feel what is going on and support your nervous system through the session.

A massage can form part of your fitness regime.  Take a look at this article on our website.

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“The overall experience for me was 1 of enjoyment. Particularly liked the interactive bits. Would definitely recommend.”

“I felt some of my muscles were less tight afterwards and had a general feeling of wellbeing, which I didn’t have before the massage”

Let go of “Go, Go, Go” & find the space to Chill and Relax

You may have heard of the “fight, flight or freeze” element of your nervous system. Our busy lives, heightened stresses and constant pressures can affect our nervous system’s response to what is going on within and around us.

Through your massage sessions, I’ll be seeking to awaken the “Chill and Relax” side of your nervous system to:

  • allow your body to release tension
  • support digestion
  • reduce feelings of anxiety
  • dedicate time entirely to your wellbeing
  • help you feel amazing

To facilitate this, your massage session will include coaching on breathing techniques.

body massaging treatment lincoln

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Lisa. She clearly tailored my massage to suit my specific needs and problem areas and brought significant relief even in the first session.”

Massage sessions are available to book as packages or individually:

Woman of Power Massage package

Specifically for women who would love to claim some space and time to feel great in their body again. Often we’re so busy of taking care of everyone else’s needs we forget to attend to our own. Or perhaps you’re working so hard on taking care of your wellbeing, your body would appreciate some complementary support to allow it to recoup and recharge.

The Woman of Power massage package takes account of your regular schedule and it’s possible impacts on your body, working to relieve tension, restore vitality and improve your wellbeing.

What your package includes:

  • 1 x 80 minute appointment including your initial consultation and treatment
  • 2 x 60 minute sessions
  • Follow up advice with supporting exercises or releases as appropriate

Supplementary support pack: Available for £150 (payable in 2 instalments if preferred).

Single session bookings

If you’d prefer to book sessions individually:

First appointments including pre-screening and initial consultation last around 80 minutes and are available at £65
Subsequent or follow-up sessions usually last around 60 minutes and are available at £50.

shoulder massage professional

“I have gained a lot of benefit from working with Lisa. She is very supportive throughout including in between sessions when she checks in with me via email or text. Her knowledge is amazing on how the body works and what will benefit the particular client’s needs. She worked with me to develop a strategy to help specific problems I had.”

“I would definitely recommend sports massage with Lisa and will be returning myself as I feel I really benefitted afterwards.”

“I would recommend a Sports Massage with Lisa. She is very professional and has a gentle manner which puts you at ease. She is very knowledgeable and gives you confidence in her massage ability. She has a good level of pressure when giving the massage which I feel makes the massage feel very beneficial. She always checks the pressure is ok for you throughout the massage. She is mindful to protect her client’s modesty at all times”