CORE®️ Fascial Release Treatment

Are you chasing pain?

Do you:

  • find that you bounce from pain to pain, one thing stops hurting something else starts?
  • suffer from persistent chronic pain?
  • suffer from Fibromylagia?
  • feel your emotions are holding you back physically?
  • simply feel ‘stuck?’

These can all be signs that your nervous system sees threat and your brain outputs pain as a protection mechanism.

It could have started with an old injury, surgery, trauma, stress, the scars may have healed physically and emotionally but the nervous system may not have adjusted its threat level.

CORE®️ work is dedicated to unwinding fascial restrictions and holding of old trauma — physical, mental, emotional, chemical and energetic.  We believe any old trauma can be stored in the body and inhibit freedom and movement, causing pain, illness and further lack of movement.

As I work with you, I partner with you to create freedom, movement, breath, and health in their systems.

Is it time to create Safety in your body?

Release fascia to reduce pain and increase mobility

What Is CORE® Fascial Release?

CORE®Fascial Release systematically works through the connective tissue/fascia of your body to find where there is tension, pain, restriction, add movement, breath and to create EASE.


What even is fascia?

“Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up.”

Watch in this video how our fascia can affect our movement and how we feel

How does CORE® Fascial Release treatment work?

CORE® Fascial Release differs from traditional massage in a number of ways:

  • there are no pillows or bolsters used – I coach you to hold and support your position laying on the couch, staying mindfully present throughout
  • the treatment can be conducted through clothing – so there’s no need to strip off!
  • there’s no lotions or waxes used* as we can work through clothing
  • you stay present and involved throughout the treatment – your therapist is a facilitator guiding you to create movement and work with your breath to sense tightness, restriction or “stuck-ness” and then guiding you move past it

*occasionally a tiny amount of wax may be used if working directly on the skin (e.g. neck or forearms) and the client feels discomfort

During the treatment I’m always seeking to work at the right layer and coach you to help me find this:

  • Layer 1 is a level of touch that you could fall asleep to – I don’t want to be here
  • Layer 3 is so intense that it feels unbearable or painful – I definitely don’t want to stay here!  Together we may discover some Layer 3 ‘spots’ – we don’t run away from them but reduced the intensity to a level that feels right…
  • Layer 2 – the Goldilocks level!   This layer leaves you in no doubt of my physical connection with you and may feel a bit of a challenge but you can breathe freely and tolerate it well.  This is where we aim to be

You can learn more about the treatment in this short video:

“My low mood had lifted significantly, and I felt that my body had been released from its tightness and inertia.” Judy F

The One Session Recipe

For CORE Fascial Release, Noah Karrasch (the treatment creator) envisaged the body as a 6 pointed star.

Before your first session, you’ll be asked to complete a pre-screening form.

Your first session includes an initial assessment.  It will last around 90 minute sessions where we touch all points of the “star”.

It will allow us to find restrictions, of lack of ease in the body, connect to it, bring the mind to it, bring movement and breath to it.

To book your CORE®️ Fascial Release Treatment, please book here:

“I felt a significant change in the way I walked around bare foot in the studio immediately after the massage, it suddenly felt natural and comfortable to walk where as before the session, I felt heavy & awkward.” Victoria T

Follow up sessions last around 60 minutes and may be adapted to focus on points of the “star” that highlighted further work may be useful during your previous treatment.

We recommend leaving 2-3 weeks between treatments.