Chrysalis – the programme specially formulated for Women over 40


"It's holistic - tackling both behaviour & thinking.  It's truly about finding out what works/is right for You.  I loved being able to sample different exercises & approaches, and everything is followed up with videos" - Clare

Are You ready to:

  • ditch the diets and finally find an approach to eating that suits You within your family
  • avoid exercise fads and find a way of moving that You enjoy and makes You feel ALIVE
  • address your mindset, to focus on your health and wellbeing for the long-term
  • build your motivation in an environment with like-minded women
  • work with a specialist Coach that understands how You feel & has the skills, tips & tools to help You feel AMAZING

Then Chrysalis is for You

Finish your 2018 with a truly supported programme to help you feel the way you want!

The programme runs over 12 weeks from Monday 24th September to Monday 10th December inclusive.


"The course has covered more than I imagined!    I think about food differently now and have made changes to my diet that are now just part of my routine" - K



Why is it only for women over 40?

This programme is specially designed to deal with the stage of womanhood we enter in our 40s and 50s.  So if you're 40 or over and find yourself:

  • lacking energy to do exercise
  • battling the negative demons in your head that tell You "you can't do this"
  • "being good" with food for part of the week, to then hitting a "fluff it" moment & eating "bad food"
  • feeling restricted in terms of what you can eat
  • struggling to maintain, let alone lose weight, especially around your middle

You may also be encountering:

  • brain fog
  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • mood swings
  • low mood
  • aching body
  • heavy or irregular periods
  • pelvic floor weakness or discomfort, including leakage
  • constantly feeling tired


So, if this sounds like You, then the Chrysalis programme will take You on a journey:

  • starting with your mindset,
  • educating You on a sound nutritional approach,
  • allowing you to experience different types of movement,
  • to understand any 'symptoms' & develop strategies that are personal to You


"I feel like I'm developing a personally crafted framework for me and
it feels good & doable" - Claire

Join Chrysalis NOW

 EARLY BIRD OFFER: Sign up before 30th June 2018 for reduced price of £300 (full price £440) & payment by instalments over 6 months @£50/month


Here are 4 strategies that NEVER work in the long-term:


 1.  Detox shakes

where all meals bar one are replaced by "Shakes" - initial weightloss in the early days of these programmes is mainly due to a loss of water weight and emptying of your bowels (giving that desired flat tummy).  However, this is soon undone as soon as your detox ends and you go back to "normal".  As a result, many "rebound" as their hunger or feeling of being deprived leads them to eat more, meaning they regain the lost weight plus a few extra pounds.  These approaches can be detrimental to your overall, long-term health.


2.  Restrictve diets

- some unrealistically limit your daily calorific intake to very low levels, whilst others remove whole food groups (low fat, low carb....)!  Not only are these very difficult to stick to (leading to sub-conscious 'cheating' reflected in your results) but limiting your energy and food source intake drastically in this way, can actually worsen symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, low libido, feeling lethargic


3.  Intense exercise programmes

- these often require You to work out 5-6 times a week.  Your ability to stick to the prescribed workouts will depend on your fitness level before you started but also on the demands on your schedule.  Often life takes over, things happen and You are simply unable to complete the required number of workouts to the intensity required.  Alternatively, sticking to the programme makes you feel worn out and can aggravate symptoms such as sleeplessness, hot flashes, anxiety and panic attacks, fatigue and feelings of failing.


4.  Relying on 'magic' supplements

- the adverts for various supplements promise all sorts from restoring your youthful complexion, to flattening your tummy and implying miracle weightloss....all by popping a pill.   Most of these supplements have little, if any, scientific evidence to support the claims and a supplement in isolation simply cannot address your overall health, without some worrying side effects


Here are 4 vital things that Chrysalis focusses on:


1.  Your mindset - You may have read about the importance of setting goals to achieve your aims.  We go one step further in the Chrysalis programme to ensure You are clear not only on what You want to achieve but also how you're going to get there, what the first step is, the additional support You need to make it happen, how to keep your focus and ensuring your belief supports your goals


2.  The big rocks of sound nutrition - we start by working through the 4 macronutrients (yes I do mean 4!) or constituents of food and drink, why You need each and how to decide the balance between them to suit where You are now.  We support this further by giving you simple strategies, easy to apply tips AND recipe books full of easy to cook, nutrient dense, super-tasty meals


3.  Movement that you enjoy -   by allowing You to sample a range of different approaches to movement we're pretty sure You'll find something You enjoy AND want to do more of.  By giving You different forms of movement to try, with our Coaching guidance, the programme also supports our 'Use Your Gears' approach.  Once into and past our 40s, it's more important than ever that we vary our exercise stimulus according to how we actually are on any given day.  The movements we use are also specially selected to support your HEART and BONE HEALTH.  ALL of the movement, activity & exercise is chosen and coached to be PELVIC FLOOR FRIENDLY.  What's more, the programme provides videos of exercise sessions for You to do at home.  All video footage remains your's to use forever!



4.  Weaving 1-3 above into your lifestyleby first addressing, cultivating and supporting your mindset, Chrysalis sets the foundations to ensure You are able to apply the principles underpinning the programme to your lifestyle.  That's not to say that you'll breeze through without making any changes to your current way of life - but by providing full information so you understand the implications and impact of each element, You are able to make informed decisions on which aspects of your lifestyle you're willing to alter.

Chrysalis is not a diet, it's not an exercise plan - it's a practical, education programme that puts You in the driving seat to feel confident, energised, motivated and strong inside & out.

"I've realised I do have time to look after me.  I've lost 8lbs without trying

just changing eating habits!" - J

Join Chrysalis NOW

 EARLY BIRD OFFER: Sign up before 30th June 2018 for reduced price of £300 (full price £440) & payment by instalments over 6 months @£50/month


How does Chrysalis work?

  • weekly sessions on a Monday evening from 8.15pm to 9pm* provide your opportunities to sample the different movement approaches including yoga for strength, stretch & release, Pilates, bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, weights &  Strongwoman. Each session is appropriately tailored & adapted for your needs
  • regular emails through the week delivering your information packs, recipe packs and homework
  • video support in the form of webinars and exercises you can watch and do at home
  • access to your Coach through the week via phone/text/message service to ask questions, seek reassurance, improve motivation, accountability and adherence

*Face to face sessions are held in OptiMum Health's Studio, within Custom Fitness, Unit 5, Dean Road, Lincoln LN2 4DR

The programme runs over 12 weeks from Monday 24th September to Monday 10th December 2018 inclusive.

Payments are taken monthly.  

Join Chrysalis NOW

 EARLY BIRD OFFER: Sign up before 30th June 2018 for reduced price of £300 (full price £440) & payment by instalments over 6 months @£50/month

What happens after You hit the payment button above?

Hit the payment button above and complete the necessary details.  Once this is submitted, your Coach Lisa will be in touch with a pre-screening form & discuss any questions you have ahead of the course.

Still not sure?

Hear why Jules and Kate chose Chrysalis and the difference it made for them:

CLICK HERE to provide your contact details and Lisa will give you a call to answer your questions, concerns and talk about the programme.


Join Chrysalis NOW

 EARLY BIRD OFFER: Sign up before 30th June 2018 for reduced price of £300 (full price £440) & payment by instalments over 6 months @£50/month

Try my 30 Day Body Image Challenge today & start your journey.

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