workout at your desk
(E) Desk Based Challenge [Movement Bites] 1024 962 OptiMum Health

(E) Desk Based Challenge [Movement Bites]

Grab hold of sometime sturdy for this one! You can do this movement flow with your hands on a wall, a window sill or a sturdy piece of furniture. If…

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(D) Sliders [Movement Bites] 1024 857 OptiMum Health

(D) Sliders [Movement Bites]

Is it possible to move more and clean your floor at the same time?! ┬áKind of 😆 I’m not advocating multi-tasking in this way at all here. In fact I…

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on your toes
(C) On your toes [Movement Bites] 1024 778 OptiMum Health

(C) On your toes [Movement Bites]

Let’s get those hips, knees, ankle and TOES. As always listen to your body and be mindful of movements are right for you.  

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(B) Angel Arms [Movement Bites] 150 150 OptiMum Health

(B) Angel Arms [Movement Bites]

Open up your shoulders, loosen your upper back and get moving with this quick video

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(A) Don’t Waist Away [Movement Bites] 1024 590 OptiMum Health

(A) Don’t Waist Away [Movement Bites]

Let’s get moving through the waist with this twisting taster  

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Movement Bites intro
Welcome to your Movement Bites 1024 1024 OptiMum Health

Welcome to your Movement Bites

I know you’re keen to get moving but, before you start, please watch this short video first.

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