Looking for Pilates in Lincoln Lincolnshire?

Are you looking for a Pilates class that supports You as an individual?  Perhaps you've been told that doing Pilates will help alleviate aches and pains in your back, shoulders, hips or pelvis?

Details of our courses in Potterhanworth, Lincoln are listed below along with details on how I run these to suit You.

Where can I do Pilates in Lincoln Lincolnshire?

Choose from the following options to suit You, with each session limited to a maximum of 6 people for that extra attention & support:


1.  Pilates courses in OptiMum Health's Boutique Studio, Potterhanworth Lincoln (LN4 2ED)

Courses vary in length between 5-7 weeks (price dependent on course length)

With a maximum of 6 people per course to ensure you're fully supported in each class.

Suitable for beginners with progressions and adaptations available for the more experienced attendee


Monday EVENINGS FROM 7.00pm-8.00pm, 25th February to 1st April 2019 inclusive

The Monday evening course is currently sold out - please check below for details of spaces available on Thursday courses and Private Pilates options.

Lincoln Pilates - sold out image



Thursday courses

All Thursday courses will run from 28th February to 4th April, 2019 inclusive (6 weeks) with 3 different sessions available.  Each session is available for £66 per person for this term.

(a) Thursday mornings from 0930 -1030



(b) Thursday evenings from 6.00 -7.00pm




(c) Thursday evenings from 7.30 -8.30pm

Lincoln Pilates - sold out image


2.  Private Pilates Sessions

If you're not quite ready to join a class, would like additional support with your practice or to integrate Pilates into a remedial programme, a private session may be more appropriate for You.

Available in half hour or hour long slots (depending on your needs), these can be booked direct with Lisa.  Please contact her for further information on availability.


Support throughout the class & course.

The Pilates sessions I offer are about more than just attending a class.  Through regular practice we seek to integrate the principles into every day life so that you become stronger and more confident, with better alignment and more efficient movement in your every day life. 








I am a 'hands on' instructor, so throughout the classes I support you physically to ensure good form.  This can be done by offering you an adaptation to the move being practiced, by regressing the movement slightly or, when you're ready, by progressing the movement for You.


What do I need to bring to the classes?

Mats and blocks are available for the above classes.  Please feel free to bring along your own mat if you prefer.

Also bring along 2 small hand towels, to use for your own comfort in certain positions.

A bottle of water is also advisable to stay hydrated through the sessions.

What is Pilates?

Pilates was originally developed by Joseph Pilates as a means of improving core strength & control in elite athletes and dancers.  Nowadays, we modify the movements to offer this core strengthening approach to all ages and abilities.

Originally called Contrology, the movements offer a way to improve your movement by using the muscles of your torso (particularly abdominals, diaphragm, pelvic floor and spinal muscles) to create strength and stability, allowing you to move your limbs more freely.


Is Pilates suitable for me?

Quite possibly.

By limiting class sizes, I am able to modify approaches to suit individual needs within a group setting.Pilates in Lincoln Lincolnshire

Pilates is often held as a means of improving &/or maintaining core strength in pregnancy and post-natal periods, as well as supporting those with back pain.

It is not a magic fix-all approach and, as with many things, it's success requires your input (check out the Principles of Pilates below).  I ask all my course attendees to stay in touch so we can monitor whether the movements are proving helpful or not - and modifying where appropriate.

You can read a little more of what Pilates is about by clicking here.



Principles of Pilates

The original 6 principles of Pilates are embodied in all of our classes & courses:


To include breathing sounds obvious,  you're doing it right now.  Pilates focusses on a wider, deeper breath allowing for a greater exchange of nutrients within the body, better movement through your diaphragm & connection with the body


Pilates is based around engaging your “powerhouse” or core musculature.  In more recent years this has been extended to include the pelvic floor and activating these key muscles is an integral part of our classes.


Focusing on the movement you are aiming to generate, on your breath and your body.  Being mindful during the sessions allows you to connect with your body giving greater muscle activation plus the added stress relief of distracting your head from the day's events




being able to control your whole body through a movement or series of movements.  This can yield huge benefits for those who suffer joint or back pain, as it is often unstructured movements, pulling the body out of its natural alignment.  The more you can learn to hold your natural alignment, the more efficient your movements will be.


Moving seamlessly from one exercise to the next.


Pilates is very much about quality of movement rather than “banging out reps”.  Producing a few exact movements, embodying the other principles is preferred over half-heartedly performing many.  This is why it is often said that if you find Pilates easy…you’re not doing it right!



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