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OptiMum Health’s approach to Online Coaching is to deliver the same level of service, personalisation, support and contact as a Face-to-Face client would receive, using Skype, email and phone.

For this reason, our Online Coaching spaces are strictly limited.

More than this though, OptiMum Health works with you through fundamental aspects that other programmes neglect, including effective breathing, pelvic floor function and mindful eating.

Together, we identify the right starting point for you, support you fully throughout your journey to a healthier, happier you; building your knowledge of what strategies work for you at work, at home and in social situations.

Rather than a cheaper, cut corners, generic approach to your training and nutrition, OptiMum Health believes you should still receive the same level of interaction with Online Training as you do with Face-to-Face Training.

Interaction is key. Without your input on preferences, time schedules, knowledge, aspirations, how can we find a solution that will fit your lifestyle?

We take time to get to know you, just as we would a Face-to-Face client.

“I feel motivated and supported. All of my questions are answered and I have more energy. I’m so pleased I started this.” Chris, August 2014


Online packages start from £120 per month. To apply for your place, please complete the form below:

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Please note we do not offer “one-off” Programmes as this defeats the object of our service. These generally represent a generic, off-the-shelf approach ignoring individual requirements.

We believe strongly in tailored, specific planning with our clients.

Try my 30 Day Body Image Challenge today & start your journey.

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I am working to my OptiMum
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OptiMum is amazing, I can finally fit my fitness plan around my family life and work. Lisa made everything so easy and practical! Read more reviews...

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