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Thank you for your interest in OptiMum’s Post-Natal Restoration & Recovery course.

This course is about You.

Our next course runs from Friday 10th March 2017 to Friday 31st March 2017 inclusive*

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"Lisa was very good.   She taught me many issues and facts I never knew after having a baby. We think having a baby is all about looking after them, but we need to look after ourselves too because if we don't then baby will not get 100%. From breathing, lifting, eating and of course exercises, which I am still doing.  I am so glad I did the course and can highly recommend it to others."  Claire   * if you'd like details of future courses please contact Lisa on 07726 713191.

This course includes:

Weekly classes (4 weeks) focussing on:

  • a return to fitness that compliments your recovery
  • improving your alignment, particularly when lifting & carrying
  • release stretches & positions to ease those post-baby aches
  • integrating your pelvic floor into movements & restoring your core
  • strategies for healing diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
  • restoring your strength

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  Mum's practicing lifting technique
Online access to presentations on:

  • - Core Breathing and other essential moves
  • - Nutrition for post-natal restoration and recovery
  • - Gut health for recovery and losing the “Mummy brain”
  • - Rest strategies and stress management
  • Videos on key movements & Stretches from our face-to-face sessions

Your course will also include:

  • - full health screening
  • - diastasis recti checks
  • - homework!** Don’t worry this will be realistic and designed to fit into your everyday activities.
Post-Natal Support

Most, if not all, other post-natal courses and classes focus on your baby, which is great, but what about You as Mummy?

A happy, healthy Mummy leads to a happy baby.

"After having my third baby I realised that I needed to get my body back on track and in better shape for me and my children. I felt totally unfit and struggled to run up the stairs. Lisa was excellent, she listened to what I wanted from the course and tailored exercises to meet my needs and fit in with family life. Lisa has an extensive knowledge on post natal care and I learnt so much about how to safely get back into exercise and how to rectify my pelvic floor issues. After practising the exercises Lisa taught me at home, I can now feel stomach muscles I have not felt in years (and I have trained in the gym in between all of my pregnancies). Lisa is able to make you feel confident, supported and like anything is possible. I am looking forward to continue working with Lisa to achieve my long term goals."  Zoe

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Our next course runs from Friday 10th March 2017 to Friday 31st March 2017 inclusive*

Suitable for all Mums, however baby was delivered

The course is suitable whether you had a vaginal or  C-section delivery. You must have attended your 6 week post-natal check and your lochia discharge (post-natal bleeding) must have stopped. OptiMum Health believes "post-natal is for life, not just for 6 weeks".  This course is particularly suitable throughout the first year of your baby's life.
baby squat

Small Groups to maximise value and benefit to You

Video tutorials will also be provided to support you in the movements. Each course is for a maximum of 6 Mums. Through the course, You will be given activities specifically related to your own stage of recovery, and progressed at your own speed. You are welcome to bring your baby along – please dress them warmly and feel free to bring toys/comforters/chairs to ensure they are comfortable. (You remain responsible for your child at all times and we will require you to sign a disclaimer with regard to their care.  Our primary focus is You.)

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PNR&R Release movements

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  My baby is now 6 months old - is the course still suitable for me?


Post-natal is for life, not just a few weeks - so whether it's  6 weeks, 6 months or longer since you gave birth, this course will still be relevant for You.  Once you enrol on the course, we will send you a detailed pre-screening form to understand your specific situation, so we can offer the support You require and tailor the physical aspects of the classes specifically for You.

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2. How soon after birth can I start this course?

To start this course, You must have attended your 6 week post-natal check and your lochia discharge (post-natal bleeding) must have stopped.  As part of the course, we will ask you about your delivery experience and any follow up treatments You have undergone, &/or any recommendations your GP (or other medical professional) has given You.  The course is suitable for both those who delivered vaginally or by C-section.

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3. Can I bring my baby to the class?

Absolutely!  We understand that your time as a Mum is precious and that childcare can be tricky.  We actually seek to include your baby in the class too.  Why?  Lifting, carrying and feeding your baby can lead to changes in your alignment that lead to discomfort &/or aches.  By incorporating, movements with your baby into the classes, we hope to build your strength, improve your alignment and show you a way to include aspects of our course into your day with your baby.

We recommend you bring along whatever toys, chairs or other items You feel would keep your baby comfortable, warm and happy.  Your baby remains your own responsibility during the class though we will do our utmost to support You.

4. How many people will be on the course?

Each course has a maximum of 6 Mums, plus their babies.  The class size is purposely kept quite small to ensure that everyone individually receives the support they need, whilst still providing an opportunity to meet like-minded women on a similar journey to You.

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5. My abdomen bulges down the middle when I cough or laugh - is this normal?

Whilst this is common, it is not normal.  You may have a separation of the abdominals or diastasis recti.  This is really common in the latter stages of pregnancy and, given rest and recovery post-natally, often heals itself.  That said, how many new Mums nowadays get the luxury or rest and recovery after childbirth???  As part of this course, we check for diastasis recti and coach you through breathing, nutrition, stress management and restorative moves to aid natural healing of any separation.

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6. I'm experiencing some leakage when I cough or sneeze - is that normal?

Again, whilst this is common, it is not normal either.  Our pre-screening process will take the time to understand your particular experiences.  The course includes pelvic floor activation and release strategies.  We have a range of approaches to these exercises as we recognise that not everyone learns or responds in the same way.  Our approach is strictly external though.  

Where appropriate, we will refer to a female health physiotherapist to ensure your specific needs and situation are properly addressed.  Again, we understand that this can be daunting - it's much easier to just ignore it all and hope it goes away - we don't think this is an option.  So again, we provide information and ongoing support as required, to reassure You as much as possible.

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7. How does the course actually work?

We meet face-to-face as a group, once per week, on Friday mornings from 0930 - 1030 at Hykeham Chiropractic, 570 Newark Road, Lincoln LN6 9NP.   During these sessions we will focus on movement approaches - supporting you in lifting your baby, prams, car seats etc whilst gradually improving your strength & fitness.  

These sessions are suitable for all fitness and ability levels as we coach you on appropriate form and ensure you are working at a level suitable for You. (This is another reason why we keep the class sizes small.) Away from these sessions, our online membership area includes access to videos demonstrating the key movements and stretches from our classes as well as webinars.  These webinars cover other aspects that support post-natal recovery.  You can watch these at a time to suit you - pause them and replay them to your heart's content!  Plus, of course, you are free to ask questions at any time during the course on any of the content and it's relevance to You. Click here to join the course today

8. Who teaches the course?

Creator and owner of OptiMum Health, Lisa Gimenez-Codd is a Mum of 2 young boys herself.  An advanced Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor and Pre/Post Natal instructor, she has furthered her qualifications to specialise in female health matters.  Including pelvic floor restoration, nutrition for post-natal recovery and movement strategies to restore confidence, vitality and strength in the post-natal period.  Further details can be found at

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9. At my 6 week check, my GP said I was fine to return to exercise - why do I need a Restoration & Recovery course?

Recovery from childbirth is now known to take around one year - in some cases, longer.   The medical checks in the UK tend to occur at 6-8 weeks after childbirth, during which the practitioner often says you are fine to return to exercise.  However, these checks now rarely include a physical examination to fully determine your stage of recovery.  These checks do not assess for diastasis recti - see point 5 above.  Nor do they take any account of your fitness before and during pregnancy, your experience of motherhood in those difficult early weeks, the extent of your support network, the amount of rest you are getting or the type of exercise you are contemplating returning too.  All of these factors have a direct effect on your recovery from pregnancy and childbirth.

Your body adapted to pregnancy over nearly 10 months - it's unrealistic to expect it to snap back to pre-pregnancy status in a few short weeks when you're also adapting to caring for a brand new baby as well.

We understand this - from first hand experience as well as qualifications in the field.  This course has been tried and tested with other new Mums from across the Lincoln area with great success.

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10. How much does the course cost?

The course, including 4 weekly classes, online webinars and exercise video access, plus active support is available at just £80 per person.

Lincoln Mums card holders discounts are available - please contact us for details.

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: Post-natal restoration and recovery When: Friday 10th March 2017 to Friday 31st March 2017 inclusive; 0930 - 1030* Where: Hykeham Chiropractic, 570 Newark Road, South Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 9NP Cost: £80 per person

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* if you'd like details of future courses please contact Lisa on 07726 713191. If you have a question that's not answered above, please contact us on 07726 713191.

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