Post-Natal Recovery & Training


We offer a range of approaches to Post-Natal Recovery &
Training to suit where you are and what you need right now.

If your baby is between 6 weeks & 1 year we recommend our
Post-Natal Restoration & Recovery Plan.  Providing support on
abdominal separation, post-natal nutrition, pelvic floor
restoration, lifting techniques & returning to exercise after
having a baby.

We also offer a Mummy Plan, providing guided movement in a
session you can bring your baby along to.  Your programme will be
designed specifically for where You are now, based on where You
want to get to.

The pressures of being a Mum

As a Mum, I know the pressures felt today to "lose the baby
weight" and "Mummy tummy", have everything under control and
develop an Einstein-level baby into toddlerhood and beyond.

Often the reality is that getting showered & dressed in a morning
is an endurance event in itself!

We understand that carrying a baby through pregnancy and
delivering them into the world has a profound effect on You -
physically, mentally & emotionally.

Physically, changes to your alignment plus post-natal issues such
as pelvic floor weakness or %3

Meet Lisa!

picture of lisa

I am working to my OptiMum
and helping others to do the same!

OptiMum is amazing, I can finally fit my fitness plan around my family life and work. Lisa made everything so easy and practical! Read more reviews...

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