hip burners foundation
Side lying hip exercises 1024 545 OptiMum Health

Side lying hip exercises

Using a stable position lying on your side to work the outer hip and buttock muscles, engaging your whole torso in the process  

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workout at your desk
(E) Desk Based Challenge [Movement Bites] 1024 962 OptiMum Health

(E) Desk Based Challenge [Movement Bites]

Grab hold of sometime sturdy for this one! You can do this movement flow with your hands on a wall, a window sill or a sturdy piece of furniture. If…

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(D) Sliders [Movement Bites] 1024 857 OptiMum Health

(D) Sliders [Movement Bites]

Is it possible to move more and clean your floor at the same time?! ┬áKind of 😆 I’m not advocating multi-tasking in this way at all here. In fact I…

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on your toes
(C) On your toes [Movement Bites] 1024 778 OptiMum Health

(C) On your toes [Movement Bites]

Let’s get those hips, knees, ankle and TOES. As always listen to your body and be mindful of movements are right for you.  

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(B) Angel Arms [Movement Bites] 150 150 OptiMum Health

(B) Angel Arms [Movement Bites]

Open up your shoulders, loosen your upper back and get moving with this quick video

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(A) Don’t Waist Away [Movement Bites] 1024 590 OptiMum Health

(A) Don’t Waist Away [Movement Bites]

Let’s get moving through the waist with this twisting taster  

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Movement Bites intro
Welcome to your Movement Bites 1024 1024 OptiMum Health

Welcome to your Movement Bites

I know you’re keen to get moving but, before you start, please watch this short video first.

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full core breathing
Bringing it all together 1024 659 OptiMum Health

Bringing it all together

Using the foundational Pilates principles of concentration and breathing to bring our Core Breath together read more
Posture…or alignment 1018 756 OptiMum Health

Posture…or alignment

Step 1 to a flatter tummy can be done in a few seconds – watch to find out how read more
Pelvic floor connection
Essential Floor work 1024 616 OptiMum Health

Essential Floor work

Today we’re talking about another key feature of your core – my favourite part! The Pelvic Floor. Often ladies tell me their pelvic floor “isn’t there any more” and men…

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