stepping it up a notch
Intermediate challenge [18 minutes] 1002 730 OptiMum Health

Intermediate challenge [18 minutes]

A slightly different approach in this session Working in a pyramid style, we take one set of moves and repeat it, progressing the moves each time That said, you can…

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Intermediate flow [17 minutes] 150 150 OptiMum Health

Intermediate flow [17 minutes]

Following on from the Beginner’s Pilates Flow, this video takes the same basic moves and applies progressions to increase the difficulty and intensity of each exercise and the overall flow.…

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beginners' flow
Simple flow for beginners [17 minutes] 1024 613 OptiMum Health

Simple flow for beginners [17 minutes]

Pilates can be a great way to build strength, core stability, flexibility and relieve stress. This simple flow of movements is suitable for all levels, allowing you to work along…

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